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About Merriene

I was born in and now live in Perth, Western Australia.

My background is in teaching and facilitating.

I am the mother of two wonderful, independent, aware and successful sons

(and mother-in-law to a wonderful daughter-in-law) with three

most beautiful grandchildren.


My learning experiences and challenges have come to me through

teaching, farming, shop keeping, overseas travel, divorce,

death of loved ones, as well as the love and joy in life.


In September 1995 I discovered my ability to tune into spiritual wisdom

through ‘automatic writing’ and this has changed the direction of my life.

Since then I have written a trilogy of inspirational books to assist each reader 

to move into the future with grace and ease.

Internationally recognised as a teacher of metaphysical principals, I also help

people identify with their spiritual natures through counselling,

coaching, mediumship, workshops and lectures.


My intention is to live with impeccable merriment and grace

as I continue this amazing journey of life.


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