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Adventure Into Transformation


“Adventure Into Transformation “ Book 2


“Adventure into Transformation is such an inspiration. I can hardly wait

for the third book.”

Jill - Writer/Producer. Los Angeles USA


“Thank you fellow Aries for your beautiful book Adventure into Transformation

– it is so clear, so moving, so powerful. I am really enjoying reading the eternal

truth so precisely explained in deceptively simple language – well done. It will

touch many people and open many hearts.”

Leith - Director/Actor/Drama Teacher SINGAPORE


“Enlightening and inspirational is an apt and succinct description for Adventure

into Transformation. Your words and the messages imparted thereby are relevant

and amount to practical information. The book went unread on my bookshelf until

recently. It turned out to be a case of the right words at the right time. Needless to

say, that I am very much looking forward to Book Three in the trilogy.”

An appreciative reader. PERTH


“Many thanks for allowing me the privilege of reading your new book Adventure

into Transformation. I found it to be a truly wondrous experience. I felt that the

book was written directly for me, and that it was relevant to my life and questions

we all ask. It was also very encompassing of the world problems today.

Having each ‘chapter’ only two pages long meant it was easy to read and

meditate on the messages given.”

Terase Y. PERTH


“Adventure into Transformation is easy to read, but it has powerful message.

It has opened my mind to new ways of thinking and challenged me to look at

myself and my life in new ways. Every time I pick it up there’s something new

to be understood.”

Marianne B. PERTH


“Reading your new book brought me great peace. The voice of the inner knowing

spoke to me at each turn of the page and filled me with loving warmth and

knowledge. I’m sure everyone reading it will experience the gift of Spirit

speaking directly to them.”

Darshan C. PERTH


“The messages brought to us through Merriene Scott are fascinating, enriching

and profound. For those searching for the formula for peace and a lifetime of joy,

I strongly recommend Adventure into Transformation.”

Jennifer Skiff

Author of God Stories: Inspiring Encounters with the Divine., and The Divinity of Dogs. An award winning former international

investigative journalist and correspondent - US


“Thanks so much for Adventure into Transformation. It’s wonderful. I especially

liked Part Two of the book – it really resonated with me. And I like that it is short

and to the point in each chapter. It doesn’t need a lot of words to get the point

across. It’s there in the energy of it.”



“The rhythmic and harmonious messages are presented over two pages making

them an excellent tool for contemplation and meditation. Reminding us of our

roots and our beingness, the messages are conveyed with deep love, respect

and compassion for who we truly are – spiritual beings experiencing a

physical reality.


Memories of where we come from are activated from deep within our souls and

psyche, transporting us back to source and validating our own unique path, and

our own spiritual journey. From very basic principles of being positive through to

the more complex aspects of creation and living in this present reality, The World

Beyond Today and Adventure into Transformation are a divine guide to creating

enlightenment and peace on the planet.”

Book Review - Annym Magazine WESTERN AUSTRALIA 

 "For those on a spiritual journey and open to the new energy on earth, this book will be like a warm bath ----- it is a book to put on your bedside table and read little bits from whenever you feel the need for inspiration and upliftment!"

Review by Cathelijne Filippo, Paradigm Shift Magazine UK


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