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Do you have a sense of peace in your heart? 

It is wonderful if you do. 

Many people, currently, are feeling fragile, exhausted and depleted due to the circumstances in the world. 

Achieving a sense of peacefulness is a big challenge. How can we find and hold this feeling? 

Changing priorities of focus in our daily routine will help. 

Slow down, breathe deeply, detach, say no where applicable, turn off the noise and distaction of television, other screens and unwanted stimulation and keep away from artificial light. 

Spend more time in nature, ground yourself, plant a tree, sit under a tree, hug a tree. Reconnect with what sustains you. Listen to soothing musuc and the soothing rhythms of nature. 

Appreciate how amazing it is to have Earth as our home. Give it love, give love to yourself - and remember we are interconnected with the natural world. Our human health is closely connected to the health of the planet. Do not focus on the world dramas - focus on peace

With a feeling of peace, we have better balance and can contribute more. We can be more fully open to connection with our higher, spiritual knowing. We feel stronger knowing we are not alone, and all is as it is meant to be. Trust! 

As we move into our higher wisdom, also be at peace with the 'old' you as you forgive and release past deeds. We are transforming into our 'new' self - the caterpillar becoming the magnificent butterfly! 

With love and hugs, 

Merriene                                                         May  2022





Once again, the magic of synchronicity has revealed itself. 


 Early in March this year the long-lost  wreck of the wooden ship Endurance was found, after being lost for over a hundred years, where it sank in the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic in 1915. It was crushed by ice and the 28 men on board were stranded for well over a year before Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley and four others of the stranded men realised that no rescue would happen and so they courageously set out in a 22-foot lifeboat for South Georgia Isalnd, 800 miles away, where there was a whaling station. 


After a treacherous journey, taking 16 days, they finally arrived. It took four months and a 4th attempt to finally rescue the remaining twenty two stranded men from their floating ice 'prison'. All the men survived after having endured freezing weather, limited supplies and very makeshift shelter for so long - and yet they never gave up hope! It has always inspired future generations. 


Not long after the amazing discovery of this aptly named ship this year, Russia invaded the Ukraine and once again much endurance is needed by all those caught up in this tragedy. 


The grace of endurance by many is an incredibly powerful gift. Our personal endurance contributes to the collective endurance.


Nearly all of us , at some time in our journey, have needed to be strong and experience some form of endurance. This has been most evident during the past two years with Covid-19 playing a big part in our lives. 


Many people are fragile and can no longer find joy in their circumstances. Remember we are in the discomfort of transformation and lovely, new and beautiful energy is coming in on the planet. 


Be gentle on yourself and find activities (perhaps simple ones) that do give you joy and at the same time can contribute to other people's joy and comfort. 


Become more of the shining light that you truly are. 


With love, 


Merriene                                      April 2022 


















A warm hello, 


Having resumed a neglected habit of snorkeling over the reef at the fringe of my lovely local beach I am reminded of the wonderful unseen life below the surface of the water, when many of us just gaze at the top of it. Fish of all shapes, sizes and colours are  intriguing to watch and be amongst, living their lives as best they know how. 


My usual habit has been to swim across the natural pool from reef to reef and back again to my starting point. Not much thought  being given to what lies beneath (not even sharks). It is staggeringly beautiful in this other 'world'. I bemoan the opportunities I have missed during the past few months of this long, hot summer to indulge in this liberating and exhilerating pastime. Being in the water is so therapeutic and viewing this hidden world takes me to an even more elevated feeling of delight. 


As it is a marvellous different world below the surface of the ocean, so it is in the air that surrounds us. It too is full of unseen loving energies (unless you are clairvoyant and can see it all). Angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and devas as well as magical symbols, codes and more. They are there for us to acknowledge and communicate with. They visit us in our dreams and encourage us to pay more attention to them so they can give us more assistance. Just because most people cannot see them does not mean they are not there. 


We are living in a field of vibrational energy that is ever changing and creating forms and potentials of frequencies for us to connect with to have more meaningful lives. 


There is magical synchronistic interplay always happening between everything where there is harmony and balance. However, discordant vibrations caused by negativity, fear, cruelty and natural disasters such as huge wildfires are throwing everything out of balance. Extreme weather events are happening more often. Despite the ugliness in the world continuing, we need to see the beauty and have peace and love in our hearts, always, to bring about peace and love in the world - bringing back a world that is in balance and harmony. 


Dive deep into the ocean of life and don't just observe from the surface. Immerse yourself and remember we are all magnificent. We need to play, have fun and live with joy. This will lift the vibration of our planet to a more beautiful frequency. 


With love and much joy, 


Merriene                                                          March 2022











It is now two years since we were informed of Covid -19 arriving in our world. What a "ride" it has been - and continues to be! 


The vibrations on the planet have changed, perceptions of reality have changed - and people, as part of the human family, have made choices depending on their level of consciousness. There has been great sadness and angst with many people departing after succumbing to this illness. 


It is pushing many to go deep within themselves to know their soul truth and wisdom when making choices. 


Always choose the best possible nourishment for your body and choose the best possible environment you can be in. Do not be in an environment of fear. Keep your immune system strong.


I suggest you ask yourself: 


Do I, with easy acquiescence, let the few, unfairly, control the many? 


Or - do I research and question everything first, (and not be in ignorance) - and then make my choice? (Freedom is important for all of us! Some people think we are giving it away!) 


Do I then feel at peace in my heart with what I have chosen?


I suggest you avoid the mainstream media information. Some times the truth is concealed. Think for yourself. 


Remember you are a beautiful soul (consciousness) having an experience as a human. You are in costume, as you, on the stage of life. Your choices give you the experiences you are choosing to have and from which you will gain wisdom, helping you reach a higher level of consciousness. It is important as you do this, to honour and respect, not only yourself, but everyone else in the decisions they make - and may be very different from your own. 


It is only a "play" after all - and the stage we are on is Planet Earth. It is such a privilege to be here, as the courageous souls we are, at this time of great change for humanity, to participate in this "upheaval" and movement to a new paradigm of being. It is a most uncomfortable time, so keep shining your light, focus on the wondrous beauty and magic around us. 


Have love and kindness in your vibration always. Have personal responsibility and trust your unique truth. 


With many blessings, 


Merriene                                                                   February 2022       












Do you have a loving relationship with your body? 


I hope so. 


It is our "temple". 


It is our vehicle/car/ka to "house" our soul/spirit/personality for each lifetime. 


It is our Earth Suit (explains Gary Zukaf in his book "Soul Stories") for the experiences we then have. 


The more loving, reverent and appreciative we are of it the more lovingly it will serve us. 


Do you remember Masuru Emoto and his experiments with frozen crystals of water? He took photos of these frozen crystals after he had either spoken to the water with love or with a harshness. The resulting photos showed great beauty in the lovingly spoken to samples and great distortion in those of the harshly spoken to water.


Our bodies are made up of a high percentage of water!


Treat it well and only put into it the very purest of ingredients that will enhance and nurture your cells to do the work they are designed to do as you think of it with great respect. 


There is always a magnificent symphony in production, creating harmony and balance. Our immune system will serve us well if we honour it and do not feed it any poisons - such as drugs, alcohol or synthetic chemicals. There already is too much poison in our environment that our body needs to deal with. The result of toxic substances in our body is disharmony and disease - as the body is protesting and reacting to a now discordant symphony. We are making our internal environment as terribly wrong as our external environment. Choose wisely.


As we step into this new year and the continuing challenges we face, thinking, feeling and acting positively with love, will keep us uplifted and in our sovereignty. Our brilliant light will be noticed, assisting many in need to enhance their own light. 


Be the light of hope. 


Many blessings and love, 


Merriene                                                    January   2022












Warm greetings, 


The following statement by Bertrand Russell, in 1953, was forwarded to me recently: 


"Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. 

Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so." 


How do you react to the above words? Do you identify with what is said? 


It is of concern to many people that this statement, written so long ago, is stating what is now evident in our world.


Many believe there is abnormal control, conditioning, coercion, cruelty, and people are being misguided and deprived of truth. There is loss of autonomy - a slow burn of loss of personal sovereignty, with many people acquiescing too readily. There has been installation of fear (false evidence appearing real) with manipulation of humanity. 




What is the hidden agenda?


Pay attention, do your own research, find the truth!


It is so important to be true to you, always claim and shine your light, think for yourself, question, and challenge all you are asked to do and be. 


Wake up! Stay strong and loving. Breathe! 


May the light of beauty and the beauty of light touch your soul this Christmas season, so you move forward into the new year with integrity, gratitude, wisdom and a feeling of peace.


With love, 


Merriene                                                    December 2021














I have always marvelled at how a little key can make such a difference between opening a door (or anything else requiring a key) - or not. 


This little bit of metal, with its particular pattern (code), can be so important - although now there are many other ways to open things - electronic controls etc! 


Having access to all that is important to us - our homes, our cars, safes and so on is part of our way of life. If we don't have the correct key we do not have access! 


We need to reflect on our keys to opening the door to living a meaningful and fulfilling life - and gaining a higher level of consciousness. 


What are your keys for this? 


Some of mine are: 


  • Living with love - not fear 
  • Curiosity 
  • Kindness 
  • Having purpose 
  • Recognising the sovereignty of each person 
  • Reverence for Mother Earth and all animals and plants 
  • Living in the now 
  • Letting go of "stuff", being still and in a state of grace.  


A great acknowledgement of each other is in the following saying: 



I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells, 

I honour the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. 

When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.



This is the ultimate key to living a good life! 


Enjoy finding and using your own magical keys. 


Merriene                                              November 2021   













A warm hello, 


Do you feel the "old" you is unravelling


In the unravelling the authentic and "new" you is emerging and being revealed. 


Trust - and do not fear this feeling. 


Many of you have been through a tough time! 


We are moving from unconsciousness to consciousness. We are waking up


Note: I must admit, as I get older, I at times, feel I am unravelling physically - hearing, seeing, bad knees etc! I trust all will continue to be well with my physical "ka"!! 


We are remembering who we really are - empowered sovereign beings! Be the leader you are. 


Our resonance is now changing. The energy is different and we no longer have a "match" to our old resonance. Do not try to "fit" with the "old" you anymore. Embrace your new alignment, your new highest self. We are letting go of our "ego" self and going to a new, unknown reality/energy of being. 


When we unravel we can merge with this new resonance with greater ease and celebration. We will "flow" with synchronicity, joy and ease of living well. We have been in a limited reality - we are bigger than that - and we can now live more fully in our multidimensionality where there are grander opportunities for us all. 


We, as humanity, are growing up. Remember the caterpillar, to become the butterfly, needs to do its transformation in a dark cocoon! We are emerging from our own dark cocoons to embrace our unique, wise new selves. Our DNA is expanding and we are becoming greater beings (if we so choose!). In this new home there is more unity, kindness, love and light. 


Be willing to let go the old and embrace the new you. 


Look in the mirror and say welcome!! 


Many blessings, 


Merriene                                                                 October 2021  














Where do you stand in your understanding? 

Your understanding of the situation now on our precious planet? 


We are shifting to a new paradigm of being! 


Are you in fear or do you have greater insight and wisdom into what is unfolding? 


Are you choosing the high road in your thinking, feeling and being? 


On my fridge, for many years, I have had the saying "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!" 


This saying is my high road! I have endeavoured to always listen to my intuition, be courageous, be an independent thinker and not follow the mass conditioned thinking and "rules" - which at times leads to control, lack of personal sovereignty and less freedom. 


This control has happened repeatedly throughout the centuries. 


We, ultimately, have free will and free choice, so, no matter what we choose in what decisions we make - and depending on our circumstances - we first need to do our own research - whether through listening carefully to our own knowing and gut feeling, reading a wide range of literature and speaking with those whose views we respect. We can then be at peace with where we stand.


This will be our destiny/karmic path - what we are scripted (by our own choice) to follow or create for our self. We need to live our truth! 


Remember, we are here as divine spiritual energy having a human experience - and contributing to the collective wisdom of consciousness, so wherever we stand is valid for us. 


We will do well to relax, be kind and loving - especially to ourselves! 


Many blessings, 


Merriene                                                          September 2021 












A warm hello, 


The richness of the English language is never ending. The interpretation of words can be magical! 


As we look at the word live we are reminded of all we, as spiritual beings, are here in physical reality to do and be. 


We are here to live - and it is the way we live where the tests of initiation are found, and progress along our paths to transformation and deeper understanding of our reason for being is made. 


As you remove the from the word live and replace it with the letter the word transforms into the word love. We can say i is ego and represents wholeness, completeness, the oneness of us all. 


So, as you replace your own egocentric way of living with the beautiful universal attitude of oneness with all things, an attitude of love is created, naturally and graciously in all you are being and doing. 


LOVE is the key to all living and within this word is a simple reminder for creating the best possible environment to achieve all you are here to be and do. 


As you surrender your personality (ego), recognising and allowing the divine plans, that are far grander than you can imagine, to manifest for you, you will find your purpose, and the love will flow in fast and abundantly in all ways. 


Can you create your future now, by letting go of fear and trusting the love essence that you are here to experience in your living? 


Beyond the near future is no future, as we will all be in timeless reality where we will live our dreams and be part of multidimensional living, allowing us all to be where we wish by thinking and feeling love in all ways. I trust this is beginning to happen for you now! 


With much love and many blessings, 


Merriene                                                            August 2021 















It was once mentioned to me 'many people tend to live lives of quiet desperation'. 


Have they forgotten their sacred soul self? Do they feel they don't 'fit in'? 


The questions asked are: Why am I here? Why am I finding life so hard? Why don't I know what my purpose is? 


Many seek different pathways to find answers. 


Through the writing of my newsletters (lessons) I have endeavoured to provide some explanations and possible answers. 


The wonderful author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss, PH.D recently, in a podcast, described a metaphor to explain (and I have put in my interpretation) people living on the 1st floor of a building having a limited view from their windows (and living in the basement would give very little view at all!) This can be compared to third dimensional living of mankind. We have accepted this reality. However, many of us have or are now taking the elevator (or stairs) to a higher floor (say the 5th floor) where we have an expanded view from the windows. We are now in a multidimensional reality of truth with greater perceptions and understanding. We now have a higher level of consciousness and have a clearer picture of the landscape and our role in living. 


We remember and are more connected to our soul self who will reassure us of our reason for being. 


Do not stifle your soul by staying on the 1st floor and having limited views and knowing. 


Be adventurous and expand your awareness by 'making an effort' (it does take effort!) and climb the stairs or take the elevator to the 5th floor - your perceptions will be elevated and will be wrapped in love as your knowledge grows about the meaning of life. We can say we are now in the 5th dimension of living where we have greater intuition and wisdom. 


Of course, you will need to have the curtains open to have the best view - even if you are higher up! 


You will have left behind all your old, limited thinking and being and be embracing all that is wiser and magical in this higher place of knowing. 


Are you there yet or busy riding the elevator? 


Enjoy, and many blessings for your new home. 


Merriene                                               July 2021   












Do you tend to be compliant or defiant


Or sometimes one or the other or both! 


Life situations, at times, makes us choose to react one way or the other. The implications can deeply affect the consequences. 


Recently I observed the reactions of the residents where I live, as the carports at the rear entrances to our townhouses are being replaced with lovely new ones - after drain pipes, soak wells and new paving are put in place. It has been a noisy, disruptive time. Our cars have had to find new homes for the duration. 


Early on, some owners defied the request to park their cars in nearby streets, not realising that the presence of their car near machinery may have resulted in damage and compromised the work schedule. It was a necessary compliance!


Being too compliant, at times, can make it easier for controlling, manipulative people to rule our life. Independent/critical/creative thinking by each of us helps us make wise choices. 


Sometimes it is important to be defiant when faced with a demand for us to agree to act or decide an action or issue that our truth, our knowing, knows is not for our highest good, the good of others or the world. Being measured in our reasoning helps for us to be heard. 


At times we have rules and standards, whether in the work place, government or community that are totally outmoded, unreasonable and unworkable due to poor leadership. 


To change the paradigm we need to be defiant and speak our truth. 


Keep shining with love,  


Merriene                                                               June 2021  














GRIEF:  A powerful word and feeling!


Most of us have experienced the sadness of trauma and grief. Unfortunately it is part of the 'human condition' - and yet it can be a time of huge growth in consciouness.


It can be the loss of expectation of how we think our life should be, the loss of choice and the loss of freedom - or the loss of someone close.


Children's first experience of grief can be through the loss of a much loved pet, or their favourite toy, doll, teddy bear or security blanket. They need validation and comfort during this time just as we all do during a time of grief.


How do we process our grief? 


Processing through the stages of grief vary and are unique for every individual. They are all valid. 


There can be collective community grief caused when a group of the community die - such as in a car, plane or bus accident - or through devastation caused through fire, flood or cyclones/hurricanes. The coming together and support of the people can be very valuable as they all mourn together. (I consider we are all grieving the loss of how life used to be before the arrival of Covid-19!)


Shock, anger, denial and then acceptance are all stages in the loss. Arriving at the acceptance stage allows the healing  to begin, although the 'scars' usually remain at some level. 


Many of my clients have experienced grief and loss of a loved one and through a session with me they can connect with, and gain messages of understanding, reassurance and comfort from them in the 'spirit' realm. It is part of the acceptance stage of knowing their 'lost' loved one is only a 'thought' away. 


I encourage the client to then reach out (as time goes on) and find their own way to communicate with the departed loved one. Many have done this with great results! 


Consciousness is expanded to an understanding that we are eternal and it is only the physical body that has gone. Have you come to this realisation? 


Many in spirit are eager for us to connect with them and so begin a two way dialogue, bringing a wonderful richness and comfort to our life. As I have said before - "we are not alone".


Intention and trust will bring success! 


Stay strong and loving always. 


Much love, 


Merriene                                                                             May 2021 













As I flipped over on my calendar to the month of April, below the new picture (of a dear little bear cub) is a quote - 


'Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later' - Og Mandino 


So true!


I add to this quote with - 


Always be your best and become a different, better and higher version of yourself (even or especially in these times of Covid-19) 


As we experience life we have many tests of initiation (challenges) that tend to temporarily lower our vibrations. It is not the tests themselves, but our choices in dealing with them and then achieving wise outcomes that creates a 'good pass'. 


With wise choices we are reinforcing our best selves helping us once again raise our vibrations to an even higher level of frequency. We update to our highest self!


We will feel more serene, lighter and more peaceful. Energetically, as we change, everything else around us shifts and adjusts to this new magnificent version of us. We will be more in the multidimensional version of ourselves and find we live with greater ease and grace - and be more creative and loving. 


Stand in courage, keep laughing, be real - and be the example of a sovereign human who helps people to wake out of their slumber. 


Aim to be your shiniest and magical best self always.


With much joy, love and sparkling light, 


Merriene                                                          April 2021 












A warm hello, 


Many of us who are ready, aware and have the intention are now moving further into being multidimensional. As we do this there is some discomfort as we adjust - and a further falling away of our old selves. 


Listening to our own truth and having a direct link with God, prime source and/or our higher self (soul) - whatever your belief - is so important now. We all have the ability to connect with this knowing and wisdom that is beyond this physical reality - where we find our divine and authentic self. 


My ability to reach this wisdom is through "automatic writing". It is my "human design" and I am grateful for this gift. I can describe myself as a "psychographic medium" and a "metaphysical philosopher" - which is all a bit of a mouthful! 


At these times of connection with the spiritual realm we are in an expanded state of conciousness - it is very comforting and we realise we are not alone. Our time of being in human form is much appreciated from the higher realms of existence and there in the multidimensional state we gain confirmation of the greater truth of all that is happening! 


I encourage you to reach out and explore your ability to connect if you have not done so already. You may be clairvoyant, clairsentient or just know things. Through meditation, being in nature, stillness and trusting you will find your vibrations/frequency with be perfect for "tuning in" to spirit. 


This past year or so, with the Covid 19 virus creating this huge reset and paradigm shift we need now more than ever to stay in our truth as there is so much "fake" or embellished news and manipulation of our thinking in the media to control the masses. 


As you listen only to your "voice of truth" you will have greater clarity, a calmness and a loving and open heart. You will be a beacon of light for those still in fear as much that has been familiar to them slips away. You can reassure them this reset will assist us to appreciate our lives more fully. 


There is no accident we are all here at this time of great change - and we are all called to be our authentic and sovereign selves keeping our lights highly visible - and remember to have fun! 


With much love and joy, 


Merriene                                                                                         March 2021 














As I write this newsletter in Perth, Western Australia, the entire population of Perth and the south west of our state (two million of us) are in  strict lockdown due to Covid-19 - for five days only. We have been blessed compared to much of the rest of the world as we have had comparative freedom for the past ten months. 


At this same moment we have a severe bush fire burning on the outskirts of Perth where to date eighty one homes and many animals have been lost. Much of Perth is covered in smoke and ash. In the north of our large state of WA a cyclone (hurricane) is bearing down on many of the north west towns. We are now experiencing what many others of you have witnessed!! 


It is now about twenty years since I published my first book "The World Beyond Today" - a guide to your multidimensional future. 


The world beyond "today" is here now and many of the topics I discussed in this book are very evident in their happening now! 


A statement I recently read says: We have wrecked havoc on nature, and now nature is wrecking havoc on us! 


The extremes of weather, the rising sea levels, biological illnesses (Covid-19) and the hopelessness and lack of purpose of many people! 


There is information overload, stimulation overload and pollution overload (toxins: electro-magnetic, chemical etc). 


Many people are still "asleep" and have not awakened to the sacredness of our home, planet Earth, and through greed and thoughtlessness have not considered how fragile the conditions are becoming. We need to restore harmony and balance. 

Our bodies are being bombarded continuosly with poisons which are damaging our immune systems. Hence so much illness. 


The pandemic Covid-19 is a message to humanity to find a kinder, purer, simpler way to live, valuing what we have and to remember that we are wise and wonderful souls here to lift consciousness to a higher level. As I have mentioned before, we are in a paradigm shift - the reset for the human race in the beginning of a new era of existence. 


Many young people are awake and have great clarity about climate change and what needs to be done. They value their home, Earth, much more than many of the older generations who have taken for granted this planet as our home. 


What are we doing to bring about balance and harmony once again? We are all needing to ask this question, find answers and act on them.


Emerging into a "butterfly" state of being, we need to be discerning in our actions in this new reality. A groundswell of meaningful change is now happening. 


No matter what is happening - keep shining your beautiful light! 



Merriene                                                                        February 2021










Welcome to this new year, 


What a sobering time we have all just come through. Part of the paradigm shift! 


May this new year 2021 have the potential for a lighter, more joyful way of being and doing. 


Our greatest gift through these last few months for many people is we have gained our sovereignty. We have come back to us, who we individually are, what is of value - and a remembering we are consciousnessnot our physical self. 


Will we now feel more empowered, no matter what is going on in the world, to stay true to our self and value all we have and are? 


It has been an important time for reflection. It is time to take a deep breath - whether you have need to wear a mask at times!! 


Let us focus on breathing more easily this year - after a year of breathing "difficulty" - demonstrated firstly by the smoke and pollution from the many disatrous bush fires around the world, then the tragic death of George Floyd in the USA who stated, as he lay dying, "I can't breathe" and the death, sadly, of so many from the Covid-19 virus through respiratory failure. Surely there is a powerful message here!! 


In this new, very different paradigm of existence: 


Know your thoughts matter - think love and light 

Know you are here for a purpose at this time on the planet 

Know "simple" is best 

Know you can make a difference, for the better, by shining your light of love 

Know by speaking your truth you are claiming your personal sovereignty 

Know to take special care of yourself first 


A saying I came across recently states: "Once you accept life as it is, you relax. Instead of trying to change where the ball landed, you play the ball where it landed and go with the flow!" 


Going with the flow, may you have a month of many delights in the simple things in your life. Value them!



With love, 



Merriene                                                                                  January 2021

















Recently, the college where my two sons, many years ago, had their high school education set tasks for students to "fail" in a week of exercises. 


They called it GRIT week - GRIT standing for Growth Resides ITrying -and helping these students to embrace failure and increase resilience. I like to call it: Growth (with awareness) Results In Transformation! 


We have all needed resilience during this past challenging year and we have all needed GRIT to create positive outcomes in this changing paradigm of reality.


In my small back courtyard where I have my drying clothes line a little spider resides and each day, week after week, it spins its web in exactly the same spot. It is a most inappropiate position as, when I place my washing on the line the web gets destroyed (I can't avoid it) and on some other days it gets blown apart by strong wind or rain. This spider has GRIT - each morning there is a newly created beautiful web in the same position. It is not giving up - each day is a new beginning! It is wonderful to see.


We also need to have grit - to continue our lives with determination not to give in to the difficulties we may face, Remember we are as the caterpillar in the cocoon (I have discussed in past newsletters) and we are changing to become a butterfly (using your imagination!) - and it is hard going in this transformation time. We are nearly there! 


We will do well to stay strong enough for this metamorphosis to complete. 


As this year comes to an end, open your heart and share your love and kindness with all humanity and especially to those who are important in your life. Celebrate being here - it has taken courage - keep your vibration high with joy and laughter. Embrace all you have with gratitude

in this vastly different festive season.


With joy and love. I am shining my sparkly light for you to catch!! 


Merriene                                                              December 2020 










A warm hello, 


"Know we are here at this time of existence to continue and fulfill the intentions of our ancestors in our genetic line. We are representing them and following on in bringing healing and greater awareness to this collective experience for humanity". 


I wrote the above words in my November 2019 newsletter and since then we have certainly been tested with the on going challenge of the pandemic Covid - 19. However, our forebears were also tested in many ways and many of us have the memories of resilience in our genes inherited from them! It is up to us whether we act on this wise knowing! 


Every now and then I "dip" into finding out more about people on my family tree - and at these times I have a strange (and lovely) recognition factor that overwhelms me. 


We are all unique souls who are occupying a body. However we also have inherited DNA/Genes from our human forebears and they can be great factors in our lives! 


Communicating with both my maternal great grandmother and maternal grandmother (both in spirit) a few years ago, they both thanked me for having the courage to be independent from "old" expectations for the female lineage within the family line and liberating them by my actions - for speaking my truth (and also theirs) and willing to be a creative authentic warrior acting on my inquisitiveness - and not conforming to old patterns. 


This has created healing for them all!! 


My maiden name is McKenzie and I was in the Highlands of Scotland a few years ago visiting the area around Balintor/Fearn (a fishing village on the Cromarty Firth) where my great grandfather Hugh McKenzie was born and lived before he immigrated with his family to Australia in the 1850's seeking a better life. 


Just "by chance" the McKenzie/MacKenzie Highland Games were being held nearby at Castle Leod, home of the chieftan of our clan,the Earl of Cromartie (John MacKenzie) - who I was honoured to meet when I attended this truly special day for me - with the fabulous bagpipes and tartan kilts (McKenzie tartan of course). 


Acknowledging our lineage with gratitude hopefully gives us a determination to make the most of our life, knowing we have chosen our parents so we are gifted with the DNA/Genes we need - to fulfill our mission in life. Do you recognise this? 


Stay optimistic, inquisitive - and always claim your special personal sovereignty. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                        November 2020 










My focus was jogged back to the meaning of the intriguing and beautifucrop circles recently when I (again) watched a documentary on this subject. 


What is your understanding about them? Have you ever walked through one? 


Early in 1995 I stayed with some lovely friends in Beckhampton, near Avebury in England, during a visit from Australia and we walked amongst the ancient Avebury stone formations. I have never slept and dreamt so well and deeply as I did in my friends' home!  They explained their home was built from the broken stones (by the pagans in earlier centuries) from the Avebury formation and held powerful energies! 


Many of the incredible crop circle formations have occurred in England near Avebury and Stonehenge and other areas nearby. There seems to be significant alignments between crop circles and sacred sites. Over the years there have been many "hoax" formations by humans and these tend to destroy crops, where as the genuine crop circle crops are only bent into beautiful layers and later the crops can be harvested! 


The crop circles seem to be created very quickly by electromagnetic energy from another frequency and dimension of existence - a form of intelligence not from our planet! Many people who have entered the crop circle formations have felt a powerful energy force, sometimes the colour of skin on their hands changes when they place them on the flattened crop, headaches occur and some people fall asleep. Some have heard wonderful harmonic musical tones and others have been healed of illness. 


Are the amazing geometric patterns being created giving us messages,codes and symbols? Many of them are replicas of complex mathematical ratios in geometric shapes - such as Sacred Geometry and Egyptian Metaphysics in the Flower of Life crop circle in Froxfield in 1994. There have been many,many more breathtaking designs. 


Is it an attempt by the "creator energy" of existence for us all to wake up to the greater reason for being here on precious Earth and know we are not alone? Perhaps pause and investigate these remarkable and mysterious visual signs a little more. Covid-19 is perhaps making us all value life differently! 


Many blessings and love - and stay strong, 


Merriene                                                                  October 2020 












Wisdom and Grace: I consider these two words are representative of the values we can best live with - along with love


To have wisdom reveals we are highly conscious, aware and awake to the nature of our journey here on the planet Earth as humans. With wisdom we can make the best choices and take the best actions in all circumstances and this wisdom usually arrives for us after we have had many experiences (sometimes painful and traumatic) and we have gone deep within ourselves to find resolution. We gain inner expansiveness of our knowing


It is the letting go of our ego self as the prominent decider in our life and embracing our true higher self to be our guiding voice. This higher self does not need approval from outside people. It has the knowing we are unique and perfect as our individual self - we have no need to be influenced by "mass" thinking! 


When we live with our beautiful personal wisdom we will naturally live in a wonderful state of Grace as we have no need to be forceful, anxious, fearful, impatient or strive to "fit in". We are kinder, more thoughtful, more accepting, have empathy for others and gratitude for all we have! 


Wisdom and Grace together create a magical energy field that brings us the perfect environment, increasing our frequency and vibration allowing us to live more fully in the multidimensional reality of our new existence. 


How are you going with adapting to this Corona Covid -19 virus "induced" new reality? It is not easy! 


Another powerful book I have just read is "Personal Sovereignty" by Adrian Emery. He explains there is an urgent need for all of us to claim our personal sovereignty (power) - we need to decide by and for our self - to be responsible for our self. Note: Corona = crown (sovereign). This is our wake up call! We have traded individual truth for conformity. 


Many blessings - and a month full of grace, wisdom and creativity. 


Merriene                                                      September 2020    











Warm greetings,


Recently, during my regular session with my wise and wonderful chiropractor, I mentioned I felt as though I am a bridge (link) between certain family members, friends (or clients) who all have different lives. 


He suggested it is most important for me to keep my bridge strong through good self maintenance and loving support from others! Do you have a similar situation? It is quite common. 


There are, of course, other interpretations for being a "bridge"


We can travel over our own bridge within ourselves - from old patterns, routines and expectations we have always lived by and risk to to venture forth across this bridge to new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, opening our heart and embracing this new higher multidimensional frequency that is now here for us. 


We, as aware humans,(knowing we are souls having an experience as a human!) can be a bridge to show the way for many people, from old paradigms of being and living to the higher frequency of our new reality. Shining our light of knowing and being an example of living with love and not fear will assist those who are confused and unsure of who they are in this current situation and time of transformation triggered by the Covid -19 virus.


Of course, some people are unaware of this bridge to a new way of being! Perhaps now they are waking up to the need to find it! 


We can then also reinforce a strong bridge connecting us with the Universal energy of all that is (however you interpret it) - honouring ourselves as the beautiful souls that we all are. 


Ask yourself the following: 


  • Am I going deeper within myself to reinforce my knowing and light? 
  • Am I letting go of my old "self" to embrace the new? 
  • Is feeling strange and different okay (it is)? 
  • Am I strengthening my bridge between my 3D and multidimensional self? 


We cannot remain as we were. Our wisest choice is to accept and honour this new reality. It will be rewarding for those who embrace it. Be gentle on yourself, keep your sense of humour (impeccable merriment!) and cross this reassuring bridge to the new with reverence, grace and ease. 



With love, 


Merriene                                                                        August 2020   













A warm hello, 


Occasionally in my newsletters I have described or mentioned "impeccable merriment".


Now is the time, due to the Covid - 19 virus, more than ever, to live with humour. Our world, for many, of us, has been "turned upside down" - with enforced lockdowns, inablilty to travel freely, loss of work and income and much suffering. It is vital to keep our vibrations high and not be in fear. 


One way of achieving this is to retain our sense of fun and laugh often if we can! 


Going through another box of papers (yes, I am still decluttering!) I came across the following words I received from spirit (through automatic writing) at a weekend away in 2002 with a precious "Conscious Creatives" group. This message is as relevant now, as time has no measure in spirit: 



Good morning dearest Merriene, this is Joy and I am the collective voice of all that is beautiful and pure. We are with you now to bring about a message of peace and hope for those of humanity willing to bring about the changes necessary. We wish you well, with the intent you have, as a group to change the dynamics of healing powers within the consciousness of man. 


As you progress in your intent, you will be offered further assistance and advice from the highest office of all that is - and know you are bringing about the very beauty of existence with all you are being and doing. We bless you all as your quest gathers momentum. Trust the steps and stages are all perfect in their attainment and all is well with the ways of being. 


We suggest you all bring forth your merriment as often as possible and lift the vibrations to a level of impeccability. Impeccability is vital now in this wonderful work you are achieving. Perhaps you will bring about a mass education of those willing and awake enough to follow your footsteps. 


All is in transition as you understand - and with the coming of further tragedies your own energies will be called on to brighten the light even further. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you our thoughts. 

Create beauty in all you think, do and are. We leave you now with the unfoldment about to come about. Hold your truths high, with great impeccability. 


Our love and blessings, 




Blessings to you all, be in joy and laugh everyday if possible - it will lighten your vibrations! 



Merriene                                                                                                 July 2020 












Following on from my last newsletter where I talked about "caterpillars becoming butterflies" - are you peeping out of your cocoon in readiness to emerge into a cleaner, different world as your new magnificent self (butterfly)


Do you see your future? Being empowered, one with more clarity of knowing, living more simply, having more loving connections, less stress, more delight and autonomy!! 


These past few months have been incredibly strange and devastating for many. The changing paradigms of reality are happening (due to the Covid-19 virus). 


And now the horrific death of African/American George Floyd in America. His last words were 'I can't breathe'. There seems to be a correlation  with the Covid-19 virus (lack of air to the lungs)! Perhaps it is a significant and powerful message from the 'Universe' for us all. The subsequent riots are an eruption of underlying pain from those who have suffered so much injustice for so long. 


It is up to each one of us to uphold the vibration of light and always have an attitude of love and not fear. Following are a few suggestions for you to adhere to: 


*  Question all you are asked to conform to and only do what feels right for you. 

*  Use common sense, be responsible and remember to express your individuality and creativity. 

*  Do not be suppressed. 

*  Be detached from the dilemma. 

*  Do not surrender to "mass" thinking and information. 

*  Begin to investigate and explore new ideas and ways of becoming and doing. 

*  Be an independent thinker. 

*  Be an influencer to lovingly inspire and inform those looking for answers. 

*  Your potential is to be free and a beautiful, powerful energy to help make a difference for a much better and balanced world in which to            live. 


Shine your light and be at peace. 


With love, 



Merriene                                                                  June 2020  












A warm welcome, 


In my October 2018 newsletter I quoted a proverb : "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly". 


I discussed how we can fulfill our highest potential - thus becoming the "butterfly". 


Here we are in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic and we are like the caterpillars (in our cocoons) becoming (hopefully) butterflies! 


Does the caterpillar"know" it is to become a butterfly? Does it know the transformation it needs to go through? How does it know it needs to create a cocoon in which it will go through the process to transform? 


We can ask these questions of ourselves at this time of "metamorphosis"! Perhaps many of you are very aware of this need to go through this uncomfortable and challenging time for much needed change to happen - and you are prepared to be in a cocoon so you can emerge as the new, different and more brilliant and vital you. 


Are you aware, awake, allowing and accepting - and letting go of the "old caterpillar" you? 


You will be able to "fly" and move quickly to where you can be of service. You can establish a new "persona" without limits. You will have shed your old "body" image and habits and can now shine brightly. The stressful merry go round of living for many - business, politics and social events etc hopefully will be stripped back to be more genuine and meaningful. 


Many people, sadly, will not come out well on the other side of this testing time - as they go through this experience with fear and negativity, not allowing the opportunity for transformation.


Look forward with optimism, knowing we can all have a purer, simpler and more authentic way of living - with more gratitude and respect for each other and the world we live in once this pandemic is over.


Embrace this new you, be kind to yourself and always have love in your heart. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                                          May 2020 














Hello dear fellow travellers (on this journey of life), 


Wow! This shift to our new reality has been happening so fast - after all these years of predictions and signs of its coming! We are about to go through a portal into a new beginning - if we so choose! 

It is a time to go deep into our wise knowing to move through it with strength, positivity and calm! 


Recently my dear son Digby ( ran a webinar to share strategies of how best to work remotely as leaders. He talked about Belonging, Bringing, Becoming and Being. 

I will put my slant on these topics from a metaphysical perspective. 


BECOMING - "I matter": We are souls here to contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity and each of us matters. At this challenging time of change we need to stay connected with others even if we are in physical isolation. We need to shine our own unique light with an attitude of joy and kindness to ourselves and all others - and demonstrate our high level of wisdom. 


BRINGING - "It matters": It matters that we bring our unique purpose and knowing to the fore in contributing to the enormous change to how life is now and will be in the future. Know it is of value. Know we have chosen to be here at this pivotal moment in the history of humanity. 


BECOMING - "I'm growing": We grow through change. We expand and become more of who we really are. New circumstances give us permission and the opportunity to explore exciting new realities. It is our choice! Our positive attitude and thoughts are critical to how we move through this! 


BEING - "I'm great": We are souls - being human beings - and we are part of the divine energy of existence. With an attitude of reminding ourselves we are great we are reinforcing that beautiful truth. 


We are all precious and matter. 

It is time to re - evaluate who we are. 

It is time to re - evaluate what matters. 

It is time to re - evaluate how we are being. 

Be joyful, kind and grateful - being here matters! 


With joy and blessings, 


Merriene                                                              April 2020  












I am becoming, increasingly, more uncomfortable with the acceptance by many of the unacceptable levels of violence being portrayed on our television screens (and in the movies) - promoting the "dark" of existence. I see only the ads for these shows - as they are in appropriately shown during wonderful art and history programs etc. It is an insult to the senses! 


The anxiety level of many people (especially our young people) is concerning and perhaps it is no wonder, as they are repeatedly being subjected to visions of violence whether they wish to be or not! Domestic violence is not abating! 


Also, I am now less accepting of people who are not authentic, not kind and loving and those who create dramas to gain attention. Is it because they feel anxious, unworthy and confused? 


My vibration/ frequency is changing and becoming more sensitive. I am sure many of you are noticing this about yourself! 


This is a time of continuing transformation for many of us - taking us to a higher level of consciouness. At the same time planet Earth is readjusting its frequency. As I have mentioned before, the balance and harmony of Earth are fragile - as the serious environmental events continue and the "paralysing" of human movement is continuing due to the Coronavirus. 


Our nature is goodness and this is being distorted by the "dark" influences. We need to hold on to our joyfulness and sacredness - and be the "light" that we are. 


Do not allow your light to be dimmed! 


With many blessings for a month filled with joy, 


Merriene                                                                       March 2020 











A warm hello, 


"You are all higher entities walking on this planet, disguised as simple biological beings, and the disguise fools everyone - even you!"  (Kyron through Lee Carroll) 


How do you react to the above statement? 

Do you identify with this - or not? 

There is a lot to ponder on! 


How you feel may be due to your awareness and understanding of who you are as a human. 

Whatever your level of acceptance of the statement is, know that you are much more than your seemingly three dimensional self and we are all courageous and worthwhile souls here having an experience as a human being. 


The tests are continuing to challenge us all and help us grow into higher levels of consciousness. 


My home country, Australia, has endured devastating bush fires recently (as I mentioned in my last newsletter - and they are still ongoing!) over huge areas of our precious land, with the loss of life of people, animals, insects and plants, changing and scarring our the landscape for many years to come - and yet it has  brought out the best of human nature with new levels of co-operation and kindness amongst the communities and people around the world. 


There has been a reconnection to the true value of life. The attention has returned to the preciousness of clean air (there having been so much smoke for days in the air, even in large cities no where near the fires) and clean water - and hopefully more love between us all. 


We now have the Corona Virus (originating in China) affecting many people's health with a feeling of humanity being in "shutdown mode" in many parts of the world! 


Is this part of the paradigm shift for planet Earth? 


Stay grounded, kind to all, and appreciate each beautiful day. Know all is as it is meant to be! 


With love and blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                                February 2020 











Welcome to the new year, 


Our beautiful, precious planet is in extreme distress as we welcome in this new year. 


Here, in Australia, there are many fierce wildfires burning, destroying many, many homes, wildlife, glorious trees and other flora. Many lives have been lost. This scenario of extreme weather events has been happening all around the world in various ways (fire, flood, earthquakes) in more catastrophic forms than we have ever known before. 


Is it part of the new paradigm for our home Earth and humanity? Climate change showing itself at full force! 


As the planet is in distress, so is much of humanity. The wonderful, harmonious relationship between nature and man appears now to be so out of balance, with a lot of mankind being totally disconnected from all the wonders of nature - and nature (as well as mankind) is suffering badly. Communing with and having gratitude for all there is in nature is so vital. 


Many of us need to change the way we live - and understand we, as humans, are only able to live on this planet due to the divine orchestration of all players (flora, fauna, water, air, sunlight etc) playing their unique role to perfection and keeping the magical harmony. 


Nature gives us loving support, healing and restores our balance and strength. By connecting to the earth (walking barefoot when you can) we are grounding ourselves to be more stable and content in this troubled world. 


As I say in my book  Adventure into Transformation:  - " an exchange of love and comfort for mutual benefit takes place. Dramatic changes can take place in you, the plants, animals and water, for example, when you give loving attention to them. Remember, you and nature are one, intertwined with each other during your journey through existence on Earth".


May you have an enriching month, embracing nature more fully. Do the seemingly small things - appreciate your house plants, place water in containers in your garden or on your balcony for the birds and bees. Show your intention of being aware. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                     January 2020    













As the year comes to an end I have been reflecting on my "achievements" this past year. 

I have asked myself the following questions (and you may wish to do the same): 


Am I 

Being my authentic self? 

Immersing myself into nature as often as possible? 

*  Being kind - to myself, other people, animals, the environment? 

*  Being forgiving? 

*  Living simply - and decluttering enough? 

*  Going within to have a richer relationship with myself? 

*  Being grateful for what "is" and not complaining about what "isn't"? 

*  Clarifying and implementing my moral compass? 

*  Moving to a higher and more aware vibration and level of consciousness? 

*  Claiming my power - my right to be my unique self? 

*  Being respectful of everyone else and their right to be their unique self? 

*  Remembering I am a spiritual (soul) being having a human experience? 

*  Having fun - and not taking life too seriously? 


Live in this "now" moment with impeccable merriment, choose your friends with discernment and have a merry and loving Christmas season. 


Many blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                            December 2019 











A warm hello again, 


I have just completed reading Barbara Marciniak's powerful book 'Path to Empowerment'. It is full of wise insights into our reason for being here on the planet at this turbulent time. She says: 


"Humanity creates the world at large by way of unconscious mass agreements. You are participating in a mass agreement that is exploring the nature of reality from a 3-D vista, and you contribute to energising the collective experience into being through telepathy and dreaming". 

"You are a pioneer preparing a path for a new interpretation of reality". 


Mass consciousness is now changing - old paradigms and beliefs are disintergrating - hence the "rising up" of millions of people protesting to create new paradigms. 

Believe in your dreams, listen to your knowing, think independently, meditate, have times of peaceful silence. Have a positive attitude and an open heart. 

Know we are here at this time of existence to continue and fulfil the intentions of our ancestors in our genetic line. 

We are representing them and following on in bringing healing and greater awareness to this collective experience for humanity. 


It is courageous work! 


Remember - we manifest our thoughts into being. 

Remember- we create our own reality. 

Remember - we are multidimensional. 


Go forward with love - not fear! 


Have a wonderful November. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                                          November 2019 












"We are what we think. All that we are arises with thoughts. 

With our thoughts we make our world"          The Buddha 


The above quote is a powerful reminder for all of us that we create our own realty. 

Are you a victim or a gloriously empowered being? 

Do you see your cup half full or half empty? 

We have the choice. We write our own script for our "play" of each life! 


A while ago I wrote a poem which describes and reinforces my intent each morning: 




As I lie in my soft and beautiful bed 

The whispering winds fill the thoughts in my head 

The pale pink sky of the coming morn 

I do enjoy this time before dawn 


Today I know will bring joy and fun 

Perhaps today I will play in the sun 

The chirp of the birds so full of elation 

Fills the air as part of creation 


And today will also bring all kinds of love 

All I need do is ask for help 

From the wondrous angels above 

No matter what happens

The choice is all mine 

All I need do 

Is trust the Divine 


Merriene Scott 


No matter what is happening in the world at this moment (a lot of disturbance on many levels !!), enjoy each day as you can, with a loving heart and positive thoughts. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                               October 2019 










Warm Greetings, 


It is now 24 years since I first magically connected consciously with "spirit" through "automatic writing". It was a time of wonder (and still is). 


I have re- read an earlier newsletter (September 2014) where I touched on this subject. We are all connected with our spiritual friends whether we are conscious of it or not. 


The moment we realise we have the ability (as we all have) to communicate and receive assistance from spirit - and our higher self - our life becomes more purposeful and understandable (hopefully). 


It becomes sacred! 


We can become more peaceful and confident knowing we have a reason for being - and knowing we are loved and cared about from a higher plane of being. 


Since I began to communicate and "tune in" for people, becoming a conduit for well over a thousand clients, magic happenings have occurred for them. As they have trusted the process and given themselves permission to access this higher wisdom, they have been able to make wiser choices in their lives and change their perspectives on dilemmas they may have. 


It has been so rewarding for me (and them) when I receive feedback on some of the wonderful changes that come about very quickly for them after a session with me. 


We are all much more than the person we think we are in a human body. In consciously connecting with our greater selves and the higher universal wisdom we allow this magic to happen!


Take the time to "talk" with your spiritual friends (guides/angels) and your higher self. It may be through meditation, contemplation, hearing, seeing, knowing or/and writing. 


Enjoy a magical and comforting time with them - understand we are eternal beings here for an adventure and new experiences. Relax and trust all is as it needs to be! 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                                         September 2019  











Something so very long overdue and necessary is now happening in my home country of Australia. 

Recognition for our first people - our Aborigines - is finally happening on a larger and more prominent level. 

The indigenous people have been in Australia for over 65,000 years and we, the 'new' settlers from many other countries have, mostly, never fully honoured and respected them. 

The 'new' settlers arrived officially in 1788 and in the years since these original indigenous people have not had the recognition they deserved for their wisdom and deep spiritual connection to their country. 


Now, at last, they are emerging from the dark shadows of a painful history during these last 231 years to a position of there being more understanding and appreciation for their vibrant creativity, spirituality and great knowing. 


Their music and art have impact, with their rock art, which is thousands of years old, needing to be protected. At last their many languages (of different tribes) are being revived and taught before they are lost forever. Kaya is an aboriginal word for hello and welcome


These people are the oldest living culture on the planet. Most of the aboriginal 'knowing' has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years through storytelling and song lines. Much of this is captured in the most marvellous rock art and paintings. 


I do hope you are honouring your indigenous people no matter where you live and if you are indigenous you are celebrating your unique self and claiming your rightful place on behalf of your ancestors! 


With much joy, 


Merriene                                                                                               August 2019  














I am continuing to declutter (again!) the paperwork in my study. My focus on this comes and goes - and I know I need to be ruthless!! There is so much of interest to revisit as I go through the files. 


I ask myself - "How long since I opened this file? Do I really need to keep this just to jog my memory that I did go to that wonderful workshop? Will it be useful to me in the future?" 


My mind plays tricks.


I have decided to throw away what is obviously irrelevant and put the rest into a "next round" pile to look at again later. It takes the pressure off and at least I am whittling away the bulk of the paper. 


I came across a business card holder full of business cards (mainly from 10-15 years ago) from many inspiring and successful people. The years have gone on and I realise most of us have moved on in our lives and careers. They were precious learning and sharing years and yet we are all constantly evolving. It is necessary to let go of where we may have been at each part of our life and embrace this now moment. If I am meant to synchronise with any of these lovely people again it will happen without me having to hold on to their perhaps outdated business cards. So, into the recycling bin they have gone! 


Being a soul in a physical body requires us to deal with this physical reality - including possessions. It is not always easy. How are you going with this? 


We are entitled to our comforts and things that give us joy. However, to me, having clutter does not give me joy or allow me my serenity or clarity.


It is still a work in progress! 


My dear friends say I have a very calming, joyful and clutter free home and yet I know I still have cupboards full of unnecessary things. 


At least change is happening. The energy is shifting (for the better) - I am clearing the past to enjoy the present more! 


Check out my wise and lovely son Digby's new book "Change Makers" - on Amazon or at 


With joy, 


Merriene                                                                           July 2019 














There are so many wonderful and inspiring books to read - to educate and inform us as well as give us pleasure and comfort. 


This past month I have read another most powerful book "White Spirit Animals - Prophets of Change" by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus - following on from Jennifer Skiff's fabulous "Rescuing Ladybugs"


My awareness is growing about the plight of animals in this world of ours! 


There is a poignant quote at the commencement of one of the chapters in "White Spirit Animals" as follows: 


"All creatures exist for a purpose. Even an ant knows what that purpose is - not with its brain, but somehow it knows. Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist". 

Lakota John Fire Lame Deer (Medicine Man 1903-1976) 


Do you know why you exist? 

There are many levels of meaning to this question and the answers we may give! 


Meditation, contemplation and deep reflection (as well as reading!) may help us find our purpose and to grow in awareness of the wonder and meaning of existence. 


As I have said before, we all have a unique journey and purpose. Though collectively we are all contributing to raising the level of consciousness for humanity. There are still many people who have not woken up to this! 


I encourage you all to find and read "intelligent" books, watch serious TV documentaries and do research that will enhance your knowledge and inspire you. Be a worthy contributor to change conditions on this planet for the better. 


Good reading - and love and blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                             June 2019 












Have you clarified your moral compass?


Last newsletter I asked this question.


With "right thought, right speech, and right action" (basic teachings of Buddhism) we are liberated to live with less angst and more peace! 


I have recently enjoyed a visit to me from New Zealand by my fifteen years old, wise and serene grand - daughter. She gave me insights into the priorities and thinking of intelligent teenagers - with their social media connections and concern for the world environment. 


That generation are the leaders of the future - with the huge responsibility to care for and perhaps save our planet from destruction! With the deep concern of many young people there is a glimmer of hope that we can begin to heal and repair this precious home of ours. 


Also, recently, I have been honoured to have had my book Adventure into Transformation named by highly acclaimed author Jennifer Skiff - (The Divinity of Dogs and Rescuing Ladybugs) as one of her seven most loved books (one for each day of the week!). 


Her powerful books share with the reader the magical connection humans have with both domestic and wild animals and how crucially important it is to eradicate the mistreatment and cruelty of all animals. 

We are all equal participants in the precious harmony of existence. Much of humanity has not behaved well in this regard!! 


So, relax, have less angst and more peace and love in your thought, speech and action and do what you can to make the world a more beautiful place. 


With love, 


Merriene                                                                                           May 2019 










A warm hello, 


I am writing this at the time of my birthday (and I am fortunate to have had many!). 

I have mixed emotions - having had many amazing experiences during my life. 


For each of us it is a day of reflection. We are here celebrating another human lifetime (my belief) having chosen to be here to raise our consciousness through the experiences we have had and are having. 


We can ask ourselves:


Have we chosen wisely in the way we have lived? 

Have we been kind, thoughtful, loving and generous and contributed to the betterment of mankind?

When we leave this world will we be satisfied we have achieved what we came this time to do?


I feel it is wiser to have taken risks, been adventurous, been open and flexible to new ideas, been tolerant and compassionate when dealing with tricky situations rather than playing it safe and fearing change. Of course, "unfortunately" I have played it "safe" many times!! 

Perhaps you are here to overcome fear, guilt, deep anger, bitterness or some of the myriad of other challenges of life. 


Each week we are faced with more horrors and sadness in the world reflecting the "confusion" people have in their lives. 



Have you "measured" your moral compass? 


It certainly is a time of shifting paradigms! We each need to question our deep truth and live with goodness and understanding that we are each unique and precious in our differences and yet all equal and part of the oneness of being. 


Be joyful and loving every day. 


Merriene                                                                              April   2019 












Despite the world continuing to be in a very unsettled and worrisome state I choose to focus on the beautiful, the awesome, the kind and the good. Are you doing this too? 


Magic and miracles happen every day! 


Wonderful creativity, in its many forms, is all around us if we choose to look and see. 


Here in Perth, West Australia, we are coming to the last phase of a glorious summer. We have been spared from the distastrous floods, bushfires and heat waves experienced this summer in eastern Australia (climate change?). 


There have been many uplifting and delightful experiences to be had, such as the Fringe Festival - full of extemes of creative expression, and the more traditional Perth Festival where there has been fine theatre, music and art to witness. The Writers' Festival brought together many superb, independent authors from around the world to share with us the creating of their wonderful books and shift our thinking. 


Sculpture by the Sea has just begun at my local Cottesloe Beach. There are the most amazingly creative variations of all forms of sculpture standing proudly on our beautiful white sandy beach and the grass lawns above. Adults and children wonder and ponder on what some of them are all about! Many of them have powerful environmental messages and others are just fun! 


We get to choose our attitude to life and as my dear son Digby says in his new book  Change Makers - "we get to choose our futures". See www.digby 


Choose to make your future one of focusing on the awesomeness of the beautiful and magical nature of existence. 


Be at peace with your wise, divine self! 


With much love, 


Merriene                                                                                         March 2019   










A joyful hello, 


There seems to be a lot of intense disturbance happening in the world at this moment (which is nothing new!!) and it is most important for all of us to stay grounded, positive and in harmony and balance. 


It is important for us to stay in the truth of who we are and not be distracted or led away from what is authentic, pure and beautiful in our reality. 


I have a poem I wrote a few years ago to remind us. Here it is: 




Being human is a bold experiment 

To live with magical, impeccable merriment 

Creating fun, love and trust every day 

Will send the fear far, far away 


Elevate your soul above the density 

Creating bliss with magical propensity 

We are here to search and know 

Take the risk, listen, act and grow 


Within your heart the passion lies 

Bringing the sparkle to your eyes 

As we have the courage of our soul 

The journey of creation will unfold 


Merriene Scott  2007 




So, have the courage of your soul and create a wonderful month for yourself and others. 


With blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                   February 2019 











A warm welcome, 


During the past year I have experienced an energy shift - a new vibration, a new frequency of being, a new level of consciousness. 

It has been a year of small challenges, much reflection and going within. 


I feel beautifully different, lighter, more trusting, accepting and detached (where appropriate). I feel I have let go of many old patterns and expectations. 


Has this been your experience? 


I feel I have more wisdom (hopefully!) and insight into the cycles of life, with more understanding (once again hopefully!) of people's situations and struggles. 


It is as though the "protective" layers have been stripped away and I am now prepared to accept more fully my authentic self and be true to who I am - and my reason for being. 


There is more contentment in living a simple life, stripping away the unnecessary, with more appreciation of the joyful events that unfold when there are no expectations. 


Magic occurs easily. Positive energy brings positive outcomes!


Perhaps the the marvellous body work I have been having (with a wise and caring Chiropractor) as well as an open and grateful attitude have contributed to this "new" me. It has unblocked the blocks that had prevented clearing the "old".


Remember we all create our own reality. 


I have been fortunate to have the loving support of family and friends and been surrounded by the warmly embracing energy from the trees, shrubs and flowers in my garden. The environment is joyful and serene - a perfect place to live and replenish! 


Step light - ly  in this changing energy. Act light - ly, eat light - ly, think light - ly, love light - ly. 


Then your light will shine even more brightly. 


May your new year bring you all that you wish to manifest for the greater good of all, and yourself, and so contribute towards a more loving, kinder and more peaceful world. 


With many blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                 January 2019      












Seasons Greetings 


Recently I have completed reading the wonderful book "Rescuing Ladybugs". It is a most compelling read, awakening me further to the plight of animals throughout this world of ours. The author Jennifer Skiff is a precious and courageous friend of mine. Jennifer's encounters and then resolutions with animals in distress shows her determination to help these animals with whom we share this planet. Also in the book are stories and testimonials of many passionate advocates who are rescuing and improving the lives of animals across the planet. 


I feel this book is important reading for us all. The natural world is in deep trouble! 


We need now, more than ever, to live in harmony and with kindness with all living creatures and plants. 


Christmas is nearly here and no matter how we celebrate it - or not celebrate it - it can be a time to reflect on our year that has past and the goodness and kindness we have shown to ourselves and others. I like to think of Christmas as the Christ (Crystal) mas within - that part of us that is pure and beautiful. We need to celebrate the wonder of who we - and everyone else is. 


I met up with Jennifer Skiff a few days ago for a lovely swim in the ocean and a walk on the beach with her and her two gorgeous dogs. Naturally we discussed her new book "Rescuing Ladybugs" and I shared with her how "serendipitiously"  (is that a word?) I had found a ladybug (ladybird) on my hand the previous day (the first one for a while !!). A sign from the universe that all is in alignment and magic is everywhere!! 


Ladybugs/ Ladybirds are well known as a sign of good luck. Treat them gently and of course rescue them when need be. 


With blessings for a joyful and harmonious festive season



Merriene                                                                         December 2018   









* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *






A warm welcome, 


Here in Australia we have recently held the Invictus Games (in Sydney). The motto is I AM 


Those participating have shown how we can turn negatives into positives


These Games have shown inner strength, honour and optimism by those who have all been through "dark nights of the soul". Either through mental or physical disabilities (or both) from time in the military service these extraordinarily courageous men and women have all become "masters of their fate and captains of their soul" - (from quote of William Ernest Henly).  


About five hundred participants from eighteen countries took part in many sporting endeavours - it was taking part that mattered - not winning! It was the connection between souls - with hope and support. 


Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and patron of the Games, initated them in 2014. Invictus means unconquerable


These amazing people will not be conquered! 


The caterpillars finally become butterflies - having had need to be in cocoons (the dark night of the soul) - see last months newsletter! They emerge triumphantly to be the best people they can be. 


Prince Harry, in his inspiring Opening Ceremony speech said: 'It may be a different reality than envisaged (for the injured participants), non the less it becomes a reality that contributes to raising the consciousness of humanity, through your endurance, resilience and courage. No challenge is too difficult to overcome. It is ok to tell how we feel, itis ok to ask for help, it is ok to hug'. 


These members of the Invictus Generation (as Prince Harry names it) are role models for THE UNCONQUERED HUMAN SPIRIT : 



May we all go forward with these positive and inspiring thoughts. 




Merriene                                                                       November 2018  












"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly". 


I recently came across this English proverb on a gift card when I was browsing for a birthday card for my wonderful granddaughter. 

I took extra interest in this wise saying, as only a few evenings earlier I had watched on TV a brilliant documentary featuring Sir David Attenborough, about the beauty of flying. 


David explained about the wonder and magical flying abilities of animals and insects (including butterflies). 

Painted Lady butterflies fly on their flight paths for three thousand miles to West Africa from Europe - with an inbuilt compass and directed by the sun in just a few days! 


I feel there is a message for all of us in this proverb! 


Being the "caterpillar" is necessary preparation for us to become our own unique "butterfly". We all have an inbuilt compass to transform ourselves and fulfill our highest potential, being directed by our own sun (light of knowing).

We need to have belief in ourselves and trust we are capable of magnificent achievements. 


We do not need to remain as a "caterpillar". Change happens when we are living the best we can be at every moment and have powerful belief in our ultimate destiny (to be a "butterfly"). 


Perhaps, like me, you can change your name to reflect your new persona in the beautiful "butterfly" state of being. Or change your environment - or even just your habits and way of thinking. 


Live at your glorious best! 


Warmest wishes for a magical month. 


Merriene                                                                                                     October 2018 











This winter I have spent a lot of time just "being" - going within, surrendering, reflecting, adapting, trusting. It has been a time of refocusing and self nurturing. There has been great joy in appreciating the "small" things of life - the song of birds, the emerging of hyacinth flowers from bulbs in a pot in my garden with no help from me, vivid double rainbows! 


It has been a winter of record (welcome) rain here in Perth. There have been many storms, big winds and colder days and nights than usual. In many other parts of the world there have been extremes of weather - floods, droughts, fires and record heat waves. You may have been involved in this somewhere! Have you had need to adapt? 


It has been an endurance test (dictionary meaning (noun) - "enduring something painful and prolonged")  for many of us and yet I know what I have just endured is extremely minor compared to the huge suffering of many people. I am most grateful for my fortunate life! 


Through out history many people have had to endure cruelty, horror and hardship. Many pioneers endured with courage and forbearance to pave the way and make life easier for future generations. Much gratitude to them! 


Being the trail blazers, many of us "light workers" are enduring again in many ways to assist humanity to push through into the new frequency of our energy field. The strength of the human spirit prevails! We have a knowing in our soul selves and a memory in our genes to have courage and determination to continue to shine our lights strongly. 


These experiences are for "the getting of wisdom" for our souls. 


LOVE endures, HOPE  endures! 


Through all we endure the flame of HOPE should never go out of our life! 


With hope and enduring love there is always a new beginning, no matter what form it takes. 


As I write this I have just noticed (outside my study window) the emergence of the first tiny green leaf buds on my Chinese Tallow wood tree. They are having a new beginning despite the battering this lovely deciduous tree has taken during the past stormy few months! 


May the coming month be full of hope,peace and love for you. 


With much love, 


Merriene                                                                                                 September 2018 






























Something truly amazing, wonderful and miraculous happened a few weeks ago! 

It was a unifying experience for many people around the world. 


The rescue of twelve young boys and their soccer coach (note: it is the same number as Jesus and his twelve disciples!!) from deep inside a cave in northern Thailand where they had been trapped by rising flood waters for ten days before being found was remarkable. They had no food and the only water was from little drips on the cave walls. They had a strong belief and great calmness that they would be rescued and had been taught to meditate by their coach to preserve their energy. 


The expertise of the rescuers in bringing them to safety was of the highest order. The "whole" world (it seemed) with much prayer and positive thought were contributing towards the astonishing and magical outcome. The power and magic of collective prayer manifesting! 

It was a triumph of the human spirit - co-operation between many top cave diving experts from many corners of the world who just happened to be available at this time of great need. There was an alignment of favourable energies!! 


I am sure there was supreme co-operation happening with spirit - from many levels of reality! 


Prayer, faith and optimism set the frequencies for a "miracle". 


Author Barbara Marciniak in her powerful book "Path to Empowerment" says: 

"It is well known that humans are invested with indomitable spirit; that under auspicious circumstance it can be called forth to birth brilliant and remarkable accomplishments".     


It occured in this rescue mission - an example to humanity that with co-operation, determination and loving intention of what is possible! The outcome is full of joy, unity and gratitude. We are all part of the oneness of existence! 


Be heartened knowing that there are still actions of excellence and wonder in this world of ours! 



With much joy, 


Merriene                                                                                              August 2018             











It is now July! Mid winter in the southern hemisphere and high summer in the northern hemisphere. 


We, as humans, need to adapt to the changing conditions and temperatures as the year has its cycles. Hopefully, as each cycle comes full circle we are a little bit wiser and more fully aware of the nature of reality than at the same time last year! 


The ancient adage "Know Thyself" is a timeless instruction directing us towards a greater understanding of our connection with reality in the third - dimension. 


We need to expand our thinking and be curious, creative and passionate (as I have talked about previously!) to change our reality to one of greater depth and meaning and where we can contribute with our unique truth. 


"Know Thyself" is the motto of the College where I trained and graduated as a teacher. During that training I was not so aware of how profound that statement is. 

My first posting as a teacher was to Serpentine, a little town not far from Perth, Western Australia. Kundalini energy (our life force energy) is serpent like and connected to the spine and our ancient selves were of reptilian heritage. 


As you can see, I like to see the connections between things! 


I now know the area of Serpentine is a spiritual portal


There were hidden clues (in my interpretation!) and designs in these happenings, leading me on in my life. 


My maiden name is McKenzie and our motto is "Luceo non uro" - meaning "I shine, not burn". A message to be an achiever and not a victim in life! 

My married name is Scott whose motto is "Amo" - meaning "I love". Living with love - not fear is very important to us all. 


Surely these have been hints and guidelines to my human design and what my purpose has been this life. 

I am sure you too have many "signs" to show you the way forward. It is a magical world if you care to look! 


Shine your light with love, knowing yourself as a unique and magical energy. 


With blessings, 


Merriene                                                               July 2018 












I follow on from my discussion about curiosity in my last newsletter and now mention passion. Many of us have a passion to know more, do more, be more. Being passionate to be more loving, kind and generous is a wonderful trait to have! 


Following our passions helps us to align with our soul purpose. We are hearing and seeing the signs clearly and acting on our reason for being. Our soul knows what our life purpose is and as our "personality self" listens to the message of our soul we can, magnificently, fulfil all we are here to do and be. Synchronicity will happen more easily! 


When we separate the letters in the word PASSION  we get PASS I ON


We are passing on and imprinting our unique self and journey - we are contributing to the collective, by living our lives as passionately and authentically as we can. 


When we have a passion for something and immerse ourselves in it we usually lose track of time and are one with what we are doing or creating. Artists, writers , singers, designers etc often mention this. I often experience this when I am writing, counselling and swimming. Think what it is that truly excites you and gives you a sense of joy, fulfilment and being at peace with yourself and the world. 


Many people are passionate about astronomy as they are curious about the universe and stargazing. Recently over forty thousand people all over Australia star and moon gazed at the same time for ten minutes through binoculars and telescopes to set a new world record for numbers of people watching simultaneously. This shows real passion


At these times we are truly one with existence. 


With passion and blessings,



Merriene                                                                                June 2018                                             











Are you curious? 


Do you like to explore the why, what, how, when and who of things and events? 


I do. I touched on this briefly in my newsletter in April last year. 


It helps us to make sense of our lives. Most of us want to know our existence is valid! 

It helps us to have greater perspective and understanding. 


Without  curiostity  we can become stuck in our thinking, feeling and habits, holding us back from moving into the multidimensional existence that is available for us. 


An illness or accident causes us, if we are curious, to reflect on why this has happened to us. 

We may say to ourself "This is interesting - what is the higher/greater reason for this to happen to me?" 


There is usually a reason beyond the obvious - perhaps so you can have an enforced rest giving you valuable space to look at your life and think about new choices available to you. 


It helps us grow in wisdom when we are in an uncomfortable situation and we need to stretch our thinking and feeling to a new level, adjusting and gaining new tools to cope. Sometimes we look back on a challenging time and see that it was a turning point in our life. 


It is welcome and curious how North and South Korea have finally, after over sixty years, suddenly made a peace agreement. Is there a hidden agenda? 


Being curious to explore the world through travel, testing our ability to adapt to new environments and situations and by gaining knowlege through reading and documentary watching all contributes to a broader and appreciative insight into the diversity of existence. 


Stretch your capabilities, move out of your comfort zone and expand your curiosity

Fascinating synchronicity awaits you if you do! 




Merriene                                                                                         May 2018     









A warm hello, 


In my last newsletter I talked about meditation and how important it is for us. Reinforcing our connection to our greater/soul self helps us live our lives more meaningfully. 


The title of my first book is The World Beyond Today - A guide to your multidimensional future


This world beyond today is here now


We need to be living multidimensionally to be in harmony with this changing world. Meditation helps us do this. 


What is meant by multidimensional


Three dimensional is a term for the physical world of most humans, with the use of five main senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching/feeling and tasting). The sixth sense is intuition and knowingness - it is the bridge to our multidimensional ability. We can access our higher consciousness and link with universal wisdom. Being multidimensional allows us to access all facets of our being and gives us a direct link with all that is - the creator of all life! 


The paradigms of existence are changing rapidly and there is a new paradigm of human being. We need to open our awareness and embrace this change in human evolution and consciousness. By living multidimensionally we have more empathy, compassion, appreciate beauty much more, are kinder, more forgiving and more caring. You can achieve this by listening to your intuition, noticing and acting on the signs and synchronicities in your life. 


It is most important for us all to bring more much needed light to life in this world. 


Have a sparkling and light filled month living in an expanded state of knowing. 


Blessing and love, 


Merriene                                                                    April 2018 











Looking through my past newsletters I realise I have not touched on the important subject of meditation. 


Meditation has been known throughout history as the path to spiritual liberation. 

It is through the activation of our heart centres during meditation that enables our connection with our greater (soul) self to strengthen. 


See my poem about the beauty of the heart in the February newsletter. 


It is by stilling the mind (as in meditation) that we unveil the beauty of our greater/higher self via the opening of the heart.

The ego/personality rules the mind. Most of us live with our ego/personality being dominant most of the time, allowing very little opportunity for our greater self to bring in our wisdom and intuition. 


Through meditation we access this wisdom and gain a sense of clarity and peace. It gives our body a chance to heal, improve our immune system, rebalance and be in greater harmony. 


Even a few minutes of meditating a day gives our greater and spiritual self connection with the magical energy of the universe. This helps us to live our life in a more empowering and inspiring way. It allows "spirit" to help us where help is needed as we still our mind and open the "door", inviting the magical energy to come in. 


May your month of March bring you greater wisdom and joy! 


With blessings, 


Merriene                                                                                                                March 2018 









A joyful hello 


Sometimes challenging events happen at crucial times in our lives - to assist us to let go, forgive and open our hearts to new situations, arrangements and ideas. 

They create paradigm shifts! 

Our lives are full of change and the more we embrace it when it occurs the easier it is to adjust to the "new". 

  The death of a dear cousin, the welcome birth of a lovely baby girl to my much loved nephew and his wonderfully serene partner and most precious time  with my two sons, partners and fun grandchildren during this holiday season has opened my heart further to sadness and great joy. 

 It has been a time of endings, beginnings and stronger connections with loved and valued family members and friends. 

 Have you had a chance to reflect on all that has occured for you during the first few weeks of this new year? With a new vibration it is though we need to reset our perspectives, values and intentions with a greater resolve! 


Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago about the heart. 


The Beauty of My Heart 


In the stillness of my mind 

Is the beauty of my heart

In the stillness of my mind 

I know I am not apart 

In the stillness of my mind 

Lies the silent preparation 

As - in the stillness of my mind 

Is the wonder of creation 

Merriene Scott 


Aim high and open your hearts wide with the knowledge you create your own reality! 

Have a magical month of much delight. 


Merriene                                                         February 2018








Warm wishes for this new year. 


Here we are with a new year, a new beginning, a new vibration!

It is up to us to make the most of it. "If it is to be, it is up to me!" is a powerful intention. 


I have always been interested in signs, patterns,connections and synchronicities in our daily lives. Have you noticed clues and signs in events, places and names connected to you? 


For example - When I was a small girl I inherited a beautiful doll that had been passed on to my mother when she was a child. I named her Rosemary. I now know my Shamanic name is White Rose and my spiritual name is Merriene (I am also called Merrie). ROSE - MARY (Merrie). Did I know something in my subconscious all those years ago! 


When I was about ten years old I was given a dear little puppy and I named him Scotty and years later I married a man with the surname Scott


My son Digby married the wonderful Kate Blackie. Years earlier, when my children were young, we had much loved cats called Katie and Blackie!


Digby and family live in Wellington, New Zealand and I live in Wellington StMosman Park in Perth, Western Australia. 


My dear mother was in Mosman wing of her nursing home in her final few years of life. 


My brother lives in Fern St, Swanbourne, Perth and our great grandfather was born in and lived his early life in Fearn, Scotland.


I could go on. Is it prescience? Having prior knowledge of events before they take place? Are they clues to our destiny? No matter what - listen to your inner knowing as you make your choices and be alert to the amazing so called "coincidences" in our lives. Know we are part of a divine plan! 


With much joy,  



Merriene                                                                                                                  January 2018 












Merry Greetings 


As the year draws to an end many of us have  mixed feelings of anticipation for what the future holds. The world is having troubling events and situations! 

It can be a time of merriment for some and yet many find it a less than merry time due to loneliness, sadness and challenging experiences in their lives. Supporting those who are in need will be a wonderful gift. The gift of kindness and thoughtfulness reinforces the meaning of Christmas for those who celebrate it. 

Do you know of the traditional nursery song "Row,row, row your boat"? 


Row, row, row your boat 

Gently down the stream 

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily 

Life is but a dream! 


I like to think of it as a metaphor for life! 


We need to  row (have intent, put in effort) 

Our boat (form/body) 

*  Gently (with kindness, grace and dignity) 

*  Down the stream (our life journey) 

*  Merrily (with love, happiness and optimism) 

*  Life is but a dream (our soul is having an experience in human form) 


I am attempting to live life with "impeccable merriment" and truly represent my spiritual name  Merriene (Merrie - ne). 


Being authentic, kind and merry will hopefully manifest for you an amazing festive season. 


Shine your light! 




Merriene                                                                                                                      December 2017 











My decluttering continues! Now I have completed the sorting of my dear departed (at nearly 103) mother's letters, photos and keepsakes etc I am continuing with my own necessary clearing out that I mentioned earlier in the year. 


The process has been energy shifting and emotionally challenging as well as cleansing and freeing!! Files are now being emptied of so much old and unnecessary information from other long gone chapters of my life. 


It has been quite a shock and surprise to witness the long forgotten paper statements of my endeavours, various 'careers', trips, bank balances, tax returns, investments etc - reminding me of these times and situations - some as long ago as thirty years! Have you had similar feelings if you have done a big clean out? 


And yet I am grateful to have had such a rich and varied life with so many wonderful opportunities and experiences along with good health. Now it all seems like a strange dream (and sometimes a nightmare!) with feelings of detachment from all I achieved back then. 


I keep reminding myself the me I am now is the culmination of all I have experienced so far in this life and my hopefully increasing wisdom is due to all that happened earlier. 


The struggles, disappointments, traumas and sadness (that most of us have at some stage) along with the joy, fun and experience of being loved and loving have contributed to the 'melting pot' of 'what is'. 


I now have a lighter feeling moving forward, knowing each now will not be burdened by my paper clutter from the past. I can't wait to complete this task - and I may even have some empty shelf space in my study!! 


With blessings and joy, 


Merriene                                                                                          November  2017











Do you have respect and gratitude for animals? Do you have an affinity with them? 


Many of us have had and/or do have pets in our home. Whether they be cats,dogs, mice, rabbits etc we tend to have them for companionship, joy and love. Children gain a sense of responsibility for their care and usually the rewards are immeasurable.


There is a unique connection between a human and animal companion. Most pets have a strong bond, loyalty and unconditional love for their "owners" and give company and sympathy when needed. Animals use telepathy to communicate and can be most supportive in times of great need - such as a cat sleeping on the bed with someone dying. They are helping with the sacred transition of that person. 


We humans are part of the animal 'kingdom' and we are playing our unique roles in the oneness of existence. We are all necessarily assisting each other to grow in our consciousness (even though man has depended on animals as a source of food throughout time!). 


My own experiences (mainly with cats) have been magical. 

One evening during a meeting with a group of friends in my home, when we were discussing our world being full of fear after 9/11 in New York, a beautiful cat friend of mine arrived in the room with a live mouse. He proceeded to play with it. The mouse stood up on its tiny hind legs and looked the cat in the eyes as though it was saying "I am not in fear of you!". The cat was startled by this brave little mouse who promptly scuttled to safety under a couch. Here was an example to us, before our amazed eyes, to dispel our fears! 


During a trip to a game park in South Africa I was fortunate to encounter some beautiful white lion cubs (in the wild). It was another magical experience. More recently, I obtained and read the enlightening book "Mystery of the White Lions" by Linda Tucker.

"The white lions are revered as sacred messengers and Star Gods - they are symbols of hope and enlightenment. They are guardians of the human soul and they invite us to reawaken our own souls in order to protect the planet". (Linda Tucker)  


I am so pleased I found (by chance - or meant to be!) this great book. It is crucial we protect these rare white lions and all other wild animals who are in danger of extinction to keep the harmony and balance in the world. 


I seem to resonate with the energy of cats (domestic and wild) although I also love dogs and have great respect for all animals. Enjoy your relationship with the animals in your life and have a sparkling and joyful October. 


          Merriene                                                                                                                October 2017










We have had a winter of much rain and cold here in Perth, which is to be expected and welcomed, as the different seasons bring opportunities for change and appreciation of the wonder of nature, renewal and fresh thinking.

I must say I do enjoy the warmer weather and so I am delighted, at this time of the year, to see little signs of the arrival of spring here in the southern hemisphere. The fresh budding of trees and flowers and the longer days. It is magical! 


There are orderly designs of nature. We need to have a greater empathy with all forms of life rather than be separate from them. 


David Suzuki and Peter Knudtson wisely state in their great book 'The Wisdom of the Elders' as follows:

"The ancient, culturally diverse aboriginal consensus on the ecological order and the integrity of nature looks upon the totality of patterns and relationships at play in the universe as utterly precious, irreplaceable and worthy of the most profound human veneration".


This is a profound truth we can all do well to have a willingness to live by!


In my books, I have written with the help of my messengers from ILLANITIS. Many people ask me to explain this. As I wrote my books through automatic writing I did not understand this myself until much later. There are clues within the word Illanitis when you separate the letters and add an apostrophe and the letter d in the appropriate places. 

It becomes: I'll an(d) it is.    I will and it is 

This place is within each of us and we have the ability, when we have the will power to manifest all we have come here to do and be. The magic is within! 


*   Have willingness for reverence of nature and all existence 

*   Be willing to forgive  

*   Be willing to be grateful and kind  

*   Be willing to grow in awareness of the meaning of life 

*   Be willing to love and be loved 


May you use your will for the highest and most beautiful of intentions and be the best you that you can be! 


Many blessings for your continuing journey.


Merriene                                           September  2017                         









Recently I was reminded by a colleague about how important it is to clear out the clutter in the brain

A while ago I talked in my newsletters about clearing out the clutter in our homes etc (and I am still making slow progress with this!).


Perhaps it is even more important to clean out and change our thinking in the brain. We use our minds continuously and often restful sleep is difficult as our minds keep "chattering" to us. It can be most exhausting and prevents us from having the clarity to move forward in our lives in the best possible way. If we clean out old, unnecessary thinking and old patterns and habits of doing and being (that sometimes we can't see but other people can!!) it will be easier to clean out our physical "stuff" as well. Restful sleep will help clear out our brains as will regular deep breathing, bringing in more oxygen.


Brain plasticity (a word more widely known these days) is a powerful and achievable ability, with intention and discipline, to change the workings of the brain. 


We are what we think and so it is most valuable to let go all that no longer serves us. Clarity of thought brings clarity of action and being and when we can sense something or someone is cluttering up our valuable energy we need to let it or them go. The patterns we create in our daily habits can be changed and this brings in a whole new set of circumstances, making room for new opportunities and manifestations to occur. The vibrations change! 


Brain clutter occurs to most people on most days as we are continuously bombarded with sensory overload (loud noises, traffic, television and other electronic devices etc). I have a habit (and comfort) of having the radio on a lot when I am not really listening - it is ( is it ?) "good" company! It is important to be still, be quiet, to meditate and spend time in nature as often as possible to allow our true vibrations to be nurtured, rested, realigned, balanced and uplifted so we can be in touch with our core truth.


Stay detached  from other people's dramas - they are not your responsibility (unless close family or friend) - give them love from a distance. 


Your brain will be grateful for a "spring clean" and will help you gain a higher level of consciousness with a new level of creative and independent thinking.


As you think, so you will be! 


Warm wishes and joyful thinking,


Merriene                                                                                           August 2017 








A warm hello


Since my last newsletter my dear mother has passed peacefully over. She was just five weeks short of her one hundred and third birthday. Her earthly/physical journey this life time was complete. She will be well pleased with her contribution in creating an inspiring and positive example for how to live to all those who knew and loved her. Rest well dear Mum.


Death is only a transition between one reality and another. We are spiritual energy/souls having an experience as a human when we are here in a physical body.

We are eternal/perpetual souls with much to learn on our earthly journey. Each time we are here we remain connected to our soul/higher self, angels and spirit guides. Many years ago when I was new to the exploration of spiritual matters I attended a channelling evening where it was suggested to each of us there we had our own "special" angel with us that evening and to intuit its name.


The name "Perpetua" popped into my head and immediately I dismissed it as the angel's name. Later I realised this was the perfect name for my "visiting" angel and of course we are never without our beautiful angelic guidance. They are forever with us to support, protect and inspire us.


Do you have a name or names for your angelic guidance?


If not, sit quietly and ask. A name will come to you. Talking to your guidance using a name is similar to having a pin code - giving you quick access to this wonderful, sacred source of wisdom and comfort.


We are neve alone, so enjoy each day with this knowlege of your greater self and all you have access to.


Many blessings


Merriene                                                                                   July 2017 








Beautiful April has come and gone and now the month of May has arrived. Winter is approaching!!


I say beautiful April as the weather here in Perth has been sublime, with warm, still, sunny days, cloudless blue skies. No rain at all (which is worrying for the farmers as they wish to seed their crops!).

February brought us record rains so the sub soil is still moist and the trees, flowers and street lawns still look very happy! 



These serene days have gifted me a magical environment within which I can better cope with the final days in the life of my nearly one hundred and three year old incredible mother. What an amazing journey it has been for her and all of our family. 


Most days through April I have (along with many other beachgoers) gone to the much loved beach and enjoyed myself swimming in the still warmish welcoming ocean water. This is what I love doing!  


It is being one with nature that supports me so wonderfully during this time of change.

A few years ago I wrote a poem about the beach and posted it on my newsletter. It is (I think) worth repeating again.




Do you ever go down to the sea and the sand? 

The sparkling waters at the edge of the land 

It really takes my breath away 

As I venture forth there every day 


Mercurial splendour at its best 

Allowing my body to float and rest 

Within its enveloping and tingling foam 

I know I have found my sacred home 

Merriene Scott    


What is your way to cope with stess and find balance and harmony? 

Do what you love and enjoy! 


Shine your light with love. 


Merriene                                         May 2017  








Travelling to Wellington, New Zealand is a lovely annual event for me to spend precious time with my elder son Digby, daughter in law Kate and three wonderful and active grandchildren. 



This year I also ventured to Albury, in eastern Australia, to share valuable time with dear friends I have known since our teenage years. 


When with my good friends in Albury, we travelled to Eaglehawk, a suburb of Bendigo, which is four hours from Albury to investigate where my paternal great grandfather had established a general store to cater to the needs of the huge numbers of gold miners in the early 1870's. They all came to make their fortunes, as gold had recently been discovered in the Bendigo area. 


My great grandfather, Hugh McKenzie, had arrived with his family from Balintore, in the Highlands of Scotland, a few years earlier, seeking a better life and considered he would do well catering for the miners needs instead of searching for gold! 


It was for me an emotional moment when we found a very old ruin of a building on what we considered the site of the original store. Whether it is the same building (perhaps improved over time) or not, is not the most important thing for me. It is important I was able to stand on the earth where my courageous forebear had established his first significant business in Australia.


For me, connecting with our genetic forebears and acknowledging with gratitude our bloodline and their efforts, connecting lovingly with our present family members and also staying connected with beautiful life long friends and present friends who honour and understand us, as we do them, is the secret to a happier and more fulfilling life. 


I am writing this at Easter and it is a time for many of us to reflect and re - appraise our lives. Value all that is precious to you.


With blessings 


Merriene                                                            April  2017   








A joyful hello 


The Perth Writers Festival takes place each year in February. It is a stimulating event looked forward to by lovers of literature, books and writing by many of us who reside in this area. 

This year was no exception and I went along on the first day with no particular plans of what lectures to go to apart from one at the first time slot given by the admirable and inspiring author and educator Barbara Arrowsmith- Young sharing her journey from a childhood of learning difficulties and discovering a way to overcome them through what is now known as neuroplasticity. Her book is "The Woman who Changed her Brain".


After this wonderful lecture I decided to relax, go with the flow, get a coffee and perhaps go to the bookshop, before attending another talk in two hours time.


The "universe" had other plans for me - as, with hot coffee in hand I "bumped" in to a good friend clutching two tickets (one of them spare) to a lecture just about to start on "Life of Curiosity" with the international author Alberto Manguela, who had recently published a book "Curiosity". I joined her at the talk and then at a meet and greet with Alberto afterwards. 


I felt as though I was being swept along in a magical tide of wondrous energy. The day was a fabulous experience.


I am sure each of you has had many such experiences - so called coincidental/synchronistic events. By letting go of complete control, allowing, being alert and aware, divine energies can come in and assist us to have grand alignments with our purpose of being. 


The next day I checked my emails and my (leadership executive coach) son Digby's latest blog had arrived - the title of his blog was "Curiosity"!


Be curious, be alert to the synchronistic events in your life and enjoy each day! 


Merriene                                                   March 2017 








Greetings once again, 


Recently I was fortunate to see the excellent movie "A United Kingdom" about the true life romance and marriage of Prince Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland (now Botswana) and white English woman Ruth Williams who had met in England. 

Prince Seretse was due to be pronounced King on his return from his studies at Oxford University in England. 


Seeing the movie with a dear friend whose uncle was a friend of Prince Seretse at Oxford made the story even more meaningful to us both! 


Their union faced fierce opposition from the British Government, tribal elders and the Apartheid Government of South Africa. Fortunately Seretse and Ruth defied and overcame all this opposition and triumphed with the love and support of the people of Bechuanaland (Botswana) and the news of the discovery of diamonds in their country. The diamond discovery gave them the power to stand alone as a country and not be behold'en to Britain or South Africa!


One of their sons is now leader of Botswana!


 Why am I sharing this with you? 


This is a fine example to us all about the importance of uniting. We are here on the planet as souls having an (often very challenging!) experience as a human and we need to support each other on our unique journeys. 


However with what is now happening in the world there are more attempts to divide us even further apart than unite us. 


From my perspective we need to draw on our wisdom, love, courage and kindness to all others and ourselves more strongly than ever.


Shine the light that you are!!


With love


Merriene                                                  February 2017     







* Welcome* 


We are now entering a new year and it is ours to create, and fulfil our highest potential! 


Can you embrace the new and let go of the old hurts and worries? 

Forgiving yourself of your own "past" actions that may have been thoughtless and uncaring is a powerful and positive action to take. 


Embrace the "clean slate" forging new pathways and opportunities. 


Know time is a three dimensional interpretation. 

All is really happening in the "now". There is no past or future! 


So create a better "now" by thinking and feeling with an expression of joy and love in all you are doing and being. 


With many blessings for a new year of peace and fulfillment. 


Merriene                                                January 2017








A joyful hello, 


Every upset is a set up


In turning around the arrangement of these words above, the statement explains a lot! 


In life we are forever having experiences that are upsetting - be they minor irritations through to tragic events. 

The universe is "creating' or 'setting up'  our upset, drama or disaster so we can learn and gain wisdom - often in hard ways!

The choices we make when in the middle of an upset, (and Christmas time can be a time of such upsets!) whether minor or major, can help us use or find tools to cope and resolve the situation, therefore adding to our wisdom and enabling us to gather and integrate hard won inner strength.


Recently, with a dear friend, I was staying at my son's home in a country town (beautiful Margaret River) while he was away. It was the end of our cold, wet winter and the gas bottle that supplied the heating and hot water ran out of gas. My son had not expected us to be staying in his absence so had not considered this possibility! After contacting him he suggested we have our hot showers at the Recreation Centre. It was the weekend so it was not possible to get a repacement gas bottle.

As it turned out this minor upset led us to visiting the wonderful amenity of indoor swimming pool, basketball court and hot showers that we had not had cause to visit before! We chose to be adaptable and flexible and consider it an adventure! (Of course we were in need of a hot shower!!) By the way luckily I had brought to Margaret River from Perth a little electric radiator heater - so we were fine for house 'spot' heating.


We have sayings such as "Turning negatives into positives", "Every cloud has a silver lining" and  "Something good comes from something bad".


Without my marriage ending many years ago I doubt I would have found my way to writing my trilogy of books or begun counselling and coaching - assisting and inspiring many to understand more about themselves and the meaning of existence. It was all meant to be! 


I have heard Paralympians comment, without their disability they would never have achieved so much or have had the opportunity to inspire so many. They turned their situation into one of triumph and fulfillment!


We have 'free will' and yet I feel we each have our destiny path to follow and the upsets, big or small, are the turning points for us to stay on or get on our selected path towards our reason for being.


Go well in noticing the signs guiding you on and have a magical CHRISTMAS! 


With much joy 


Merriene                                                  December 2016









Recently, during my continuing clean out of my paper files in the study I came across some writing I did at a Weekend Retreat I went to a few (quite a few!) years ago. Those of us at the retreat were asked to express our deep thinking and visions of who we individually are. This is what I wrote:   


I am a champion surfer of waves on the ocean. I was born knowing this and yet as I was born I didn't find the circumstances allowing me to do or be this. It took me a long time to firstly find a wave to train on and find a coach to remind me how to do it. 


However in my time of waiting I learnt many other things from family, friends and strangers around me. I learnt patience, tolerance, determination and how to "fit in" and compromise. I also learnt about frustration and unfairness and how most of humanity is unwilling to stretch beyond the known paradigms of being and doing. 


After many eons of experiencing life away from the beautiful waves, my opportunity came to take to the water. I began riding small waves to strengthen my always healthy body and discovered many others (people) who have a similar passion. I could see those grand surfers on larger waves riding them with grace and ease, avoiding the sharp reefs and turbulent unpredictable waves. They had discernment and self belief in what they were achieving. This is what I knew I wanted to do, and could do, as I built up my strength, courage, belief and fitness. 


So eventually I took to the grand and powerful waves and discovered great joy in the ability to ride and accomplish this journey on each wave. The waves I ride now are waves of change and in letting go of any fear of where each wave will land - and also with no expectations what I will find there I trust each glorious wave will bring me to a place of love and joy, with the hope this will inspire others to dare to ride their own challenging waves. 


How are you going in riding your waves? 


With joy, 


Merriene                                           November 2016  









I have been surrounded by themes and events about music lately. Music is the basis in all our lives, whether it is in the rhythms and sounds in nature such as bird song, the breeze rustling leaves, the beat of our hearts, the waves breaking on the shore, the sound of a tinkling brook or man made music in all its forms.


Music is all around us and it is important for us to choose wisely in what we listen to. Music is food for the soul! 


A few days ago I completed a reading of my book club selection "Music and Freedom" by Zoe Morrison. It has a powerful theme of the transformative powers of music and love. It got me thinking once again of the ways music affects us all. Then to synchronise this thinking I received an invitation, with a one hour notice, from a dear friend to attend a wonderful classical music concert at the Perth Concert Hall with world renown conductor Asher Fisch and fabulous pianist Jean-Yves Tibaudet. Music by Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens and Mahler entralled the audience with the powerful and uplifting rhythms. What an amazing night!  


In my book "Adventure into Transformation" I have written:


You enhance your transformation as you choose to listen to beautiful music whenever possible. With wonderful tones and rhythms, you bring  your body and soul into perfect vibration, resonating in harmony with all that is the purist in sound and of the highest.

All beautiful music has its origin in the essence of angels. They bring forth the inspirational sounds that reach the composers of your music, so that your ears and feelings recognise those patterns of resonance that heal and soothe.         


It certainly can rebalance, soothe and comfort us. Music is powerful and magical!!


To once again reinforce my thoughts, just prior to writing this newsletter I picked up my copy of the latest Royal Automobile Club (RAC) magazine and spied an article titled "Can your music choice affect your driving?" The researchers discovered (of course!) that drivers who drove with easy-listening music, as opposed to drivers who listened to fast-paced music with vocals, were associated with the lowest level of driver errors! 


So make time for engaging in wondrous upliftment and healing with your selection of divine music. 


Have a magical and divinely uplifting month. 


Merriene                                             October 2016     









In my August newsletter I talked once again about not being in fear as we live our lives. 


During my (on going) sorting and clearing out I have come across a folder containing messages received from higher wisdom during group sessions I held quite a few years ago. The messages are still most appropriate now as we continue to cope with world unrest, violence and tragedy. Wow! We are still continuing to be challenged! 


Here are some of those messages:


Question that was asked:


"What is the purpose of the fear and paranoia in people's hearts right now and what can we be doing to clear it?"




You do know about love and you know fear is the way of keeping control of the masses. Many beings are wishing to control the masses and to do this they create fear ... They know those of you who have great love, and not fear, in your hearts are unable to be under their control. You can assist to educate those in fear to let go of this and understand they are eternal and have nothing to fear. 

With love all can be achieved and beauty will be brought forth again. 

Those beings who are keeping the fear in your energy grid are those from the forces of 'dark'. They are your polarity and you have need to reinforce your light and love with all you meet, and are with, to overcome this unbalanced force.

The force of the 'dark' is in fear itself of losing control and as the lightness grows stronger it (the dark force) is becoming panicky with its actions to keep control. However, as you allow the love of your light to expand the dark cannot sustain its power.

So relax and create the beauty of yourselves at all times. With the coming times of loving light and joy we will say this is the last gasp of fear creation!  


We are all being tested in these continuing difficult times on this beautiful planet in our own individual way. Remember (from your higher perspective) you are a wise soul here having an experience in human form. Seeing your life journey from this perspective will lessen the fear.


Enjoy September and live each day with joy and gratitude.


With blessings


Merriene                                                  September  2016          






Warm Greetings 


The cycle of the seasons continue with the hint of spring evident here in Perth after what seems to have been a cold and rainy few months. Of course that is what winter is meant to be and we need to welcome variety and change. 

The one constant in life is change

Humanity and the planet are changing. The changing paradigms are painful - a painful rebirth is happening in the world. Do not be in fear. Accept and live with kindness and love to keep light shining. 

On a more personel level it is accepted that children grow up, adults grow old and pass away. Relationships change, circumstances change and we need to accept and value what has been, is, and will be. Adapting to the new with a positive and accepting attitude, understanding our greater role in this physical reality helps us to live in the moment more fully. 

Of course change due to tragedies happening is a tough circumstance to experience. 


Through writing with my friends in spirit I have a reassuring message for you to assist in your daily life.


Here it is:


Merriene has asked us here in spirit to write some encouraging words for the newsletter. We are a collective of energy and we bring reassurance for you as a reader that your journey here on the planet is most valuable to the core of your soul group. You may not realise how valuable your interactions, your growing wisdom and your experiences are in giving feedback to us in spirit.

We are the observers of your choices, your reactions and the beauty of your thoughts. You are never alone and you can always seek guidance and insight in to your dilemmas by connecting with your higher self and own unique guidance.

Remember you create your own reality and the more loving and kind you are, the more loving and kind will be your situations and companions. Trust!


May you have a magical August with a positive and loving attitude in your heart. Embrace all change that happens for you. 


With much joy,


Merriene                                             August 2016









A warm welcome 


In my last newsletter I mentioned how important it is for our vibrations to be compatible to create harmony with our surroundings and people in our lives. 

A while ago I wrote a poem regarding finding a vibration to suit us individually. Here it is:  


Your Radio 


If you are feeling sad and low 

Turn the dial of your radio 

That is, the radio within 

Within us all, where truth begins 


Find a station that vibrates light 

The secret to your happiness and might 

Within are frequencies sublime 

So find the one of the loving kind 


Meditation, fine music and good books

This is where you need to look 

Being in nature, by water and trees 

Helps for you to feel the breeze 


The breeze of change to your vibration 

At last you will have found 

Your perfect station 


Merriene Scott  



We have free will to create and change our reality - we do not need to remain stuck with where we are (listening to the wrong radio station!). We have the power to change and transform ourselves and be the best we can be (and only accept the best). Become a higher vibration and enjoy compatible energies. 


Enjoy this month of July being who you deserve to be -- the best! 


In loving harmony, 


Merriene                                                    July 2016 










Glancing out of my living room window as I write this newsletter my eyes are drawn to a beautiful full blown perfumed white rose proudly displaying itself on my one and only potted rose bush. There is a tightly closed rose bud near by as a companion awaiting its time to reveal its beauty in a few days. 


These are the last of the many,many exquisite white roses that have bloomed during the long flowering season, giving much pleasure and joy to everyone here - nature is truly amazing! As winter is now upon us it is nearly time to prune the bush in readiness for the arrival of new growth in the spring. 


This is a reminder for us all to prune the "old" from our lives ready for new beginnings. How are you going with your cleaning out? I am making slow but steady progress! It is making a big difference in my clarity - and knowing where things are!


I love and vibrate magically to white roses (my shamanic name is White Rose). They are a vibration and energy of purity and love which is what my intent is to convey as I work with clients. Roses are a vibration of a loving and pure heart. See my facebook site for a photo of my magical white rose.


We each vibrate in our own unique way - we each have our own unique fingerprints - and we all know when we feel in harmony (or disharmony!) with someone, some situation or place.


So recognise and stay true to yourself and your unique vibration. Life will flow more easily for you when you do. It is the language of the heart.


With joy and sparkling vibrations,


Merriene                                                           June 2016    





A warm welcome 


Having just returned from a wonderful stay and energy shifting time with my son and family in New Zealand "life" once again presents itself with new activities to embrace and contribute to. 

On my plane journey home I found myself sitting (in confined space - as you do in economy!) next to a lovely young Italian monk returning to Italy after spending two years (with only two other monks) in a Buddhist Monastery in Wellington, New Zealand. 

We discussed much about the meaning of existence and his observation and practise of the importance of the mind and mindfulness. How the mind is so powerful in how we choose to be and do! 

Meditation is the key! 

He commented how he spent many years searching (in India and elsewhere) to find his "calling" until he recognised and resonated with Buddhism. He has had many challenges, time of great solitude and difficulties, however he knows it is where he is meant to be and the rewards are in his great service to humanity. 

It was such an honour to share time (and space) with him.

We are all unique and each of us has our own different "calling" each life time. 

One of my clients asked what her unique purpose was. The reply from spirit was for her to sing, as this gave joy to many. She was thrilled, as I then discovered she loved to sing and had just resumed singing lessons after many years!! 

So what ever you feel is your purpose, embrace it, enjoy it and know you are fulfilling your reason for being.


With much joy, 


Merriene                                 May 2016 





Greetings once again, 


With so much destruction and misery in the world it is really important for our wellbeing to focus and appreciate the beauty of nature. I have discussed this previously and wish to reinforce its importance. 


Nature in all its forms reminds us we are part of it, not separate from it. The wonder and magic is evident if we care to look and notice. 


An exhibition called "Frontier Surfing" is currently being held at the wonderful Fremantle Art Centre (part of Perth), Western Australia with huge blown up photographs (one by my son Jamie) of giant waves surfed by courageous and talented surfers. The power and magnificence of the water (and surfer) in motion is breathtaking. See Jamie's famous photo with both of us (I am a very "proud" mother of course) standing in front of a small portion of it on my Facebook site.


All of those who love surfing have a spiritual connection with the water, and the challenge they face each time they ride a wave brings them into alignment with their reason for being. 


Damon Hurst, the co-curator of this fabulous exhibition says " Frontier Surfing brings together a story of challenge and braveness but also taps into the humanity and spiritual connection between surfer and wave".


Most of us do not wish to go to such extremes as big wave surfing, however, what ever way suits you to tap into the natural force field of nature will enrich, rebalance and calm your spirit.


As I have mentioned in an earlier newsletter I am de cluttering my home. It is a slow process!! I am attempting to do a little every day - even if it is only one drawer or shelf. Today I have placed quite a few things that have been useful in the past but no longer needed from my store room on to the road verge as we have a council pick up of "junk" this week. My store room is now easier to walk into!! It is helping me to feel lighter and clearer in my thinking. How are you going? Little by little is better than nothing at all!!!


Happy days ahead.


Many blessings,


Merriene                                      April 2016  





Warm Greetings


Many events happening in the world continue to bring attention to the lack of morality, the lack of compassion and empathy, the greed and the disharmony.


Here in Australia focus has been on the visit by the survivors of childhood abuse to the Vatican in Rome to be present as Australian Cardinal George Pell gave evidence via computer link to a court hearing into abuse over many years by Catholic priests in Australia.  They were and still are looking for answers and accountability for all they suffered - and are still suffering.


Interestingly, the movie Spotlight has just been announced as the winner of the Academy Awards.  Its subject matter is on this very topic of child abuse within the Catholic Church in Boston in the USA.


A while ago I received the following message from my friends in Spirit - the messengers from Illanitis - I (wi)ll and(d) it is - relating to how we can improve our way to live despite the corruption and lack of moral integrity in the world.  Love is the essence!!


We are with you with love.  Love is powerful and as you love yourselves you have greater capacity to love others.

This is the failing in the world of yours as most people seem to be consumed by hate, anger and/or a sense of worthlessness.  This is perpetuated with each generation and learnt behaviour.  The capacity to hate breeds humans who are not able to be full of love, generosity and compassion.  With the state of the planet now, with many wars, the pollution of the environment and the desire of many people to have gratification at any cost, the spirit of them is lost and confused.  It is in the remembering that you are a beautiful spirit having an experience as a human that is not remembered by the many.  So for those of you who do remember, it is important for you to be a shining light in a dark world.  

You are the ones who will show the way for those who are lost and confused.  It is not an easy path, however you know this is what you have chosen to do this lifetime.  So, stay strong and brilliant in your knowing.


Blessings from Merriene and her friends in Spirit.

March 2016








In my books I have discussed letting go of fears and expectations so we can move forward to new levels of consciousness. As well as these vital changes it is essential to let go of "things" - material possessions - that no longer give us joy or have a purpose in our lives. 


This new year has begun for me with a cleaning out of "stuff" I have accumulated over many years (and I still have a long way to go!!!).


January began with the arrival (for a holiday) of my wonderful son Digby and his lovely family from their home in New Zealand. We discussed our plans for the year and I stated my aim to thoroughly clean out my rooms of unnecessary clutter (having been made acutely aware of this when preparing for the arrival of these five extra family members in my home). 


A few days later Digby gifted to me a book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo. It is of great assistance to help discard what does not bring joy or is no longer necessary.


So far I have given away clothes, a child's travel cot that has not been used for about eight years (and is now being well used by a good friend when her grandchild stays with her) and discarded many toiletries, old much appreciated birthday cards from years ago etc, etc. An old laptop computer,cords and broken well love cameras have gone to an electronic recycling depot. I feel I am just beginning in my clean out!!!!


In this clearing out I am feeling clearer in my thinking, feeling and planning for the year ahead (despite extremely hot weather here in Perth at the moment!). It is helping me to see the next "level" needing to be cleaned out, such as files of old courses and workshops I have attended and books I have read along the way to help me discover more about the meaning of life! They were important and valuable at the time and I am extremely grateful for having had access to them (workshops and books). I see them as material for primary/high school learning and now I am enjoying university level learning - perhaps it is the same material but at a more complex/deeper level!


So why keep what has served me well but is no longer necessary?


So I suggest, if you are in need, begin the task of clearing and discarding all that is no longer useful or joyful in your life and this applies not only to possessions but people, habits, fears and expectations. It will help to change the energy of your surroundings, circumstances and personal being to that of purity, clarity and readiness for magic to arrive. You are inviting it in by your actions and intention. Enjoy!  


Warm wishes and happy sorting! 


Merriene                                February 2016












Joyful Greetings 


The cycle of 2015 is nearing completion with many people enjoying the season of Christmas sharing with family and friends the joy of coming together with the rituals of this time. Hopefully it is shared with authentic love, thoughtfullness, kindness and generosity remembering the pure crystal (Christ-all) within each and every one of us. 


We all have different interpretations and perceptions of the significance of Christmas with many having other beliefs and many being in a place of trauma, loss and sadness at this time. If possible reach out to those in need and show them life is worth living by giving them some joy.


Unfortunately many people become so stressed during the weeks of December, creating demanding workloads and expectations for themselves around the thought of Christmas, forgetting that simplicity and loving actions are what matters most. 



What matters most to you? 


Take a deep breath and relax - all will be well! 


As we move into 2016 may we shine our lights brightly, be strong, pure of intention and kind to ourselves and others. Know you do matter! 


With love - and many blessings for a new year of peace.


Merriene                       December  2015 






The horrific events that occurred in Paris, France on Friday 13th November have brought more fear to the world. We need to stand united with love for all of humanity in the face of terror. Once again we have a difficult choice - do we live with love or fear? What is your choice? 


I had already written the following newsletter when the tragic Paris events occurred. Blessings to all those who have lost their lives or been injured. Your sacrifice (on a soul level) will not be in vain!


It has been said "It is not what happens to us in life, but how we handle what happens to us". We have free will and choice!!


I know at times I could have made wiser choices, however this is how we learn and gain wisdom. The way we deal with problems is what's important. If we are wise, the greatest problems can lead to the greatest insights.


As an example: My son Digby has recently returned, firstly to Perth and then to his home in New Zealand after his annual wave sailing trip to the remote wilderness coastal sheep station Gnaraloo 150 kms north of Carnarvon, Western Australia. It is at the southern end of the magnificent Ningaloo Reef which rivals the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland for its beautiful coral and tropical fish - it is loved by surfers and wave sailors from all over the world. They enjoy the isolation and the awe inspiring setting. 


On this recent trip two of Digby's group became lost when they sailed much further north, parallel to the coast than they intended. They had missed spotting the vehicle on the shore that had been left for them to return to camp. The coastline appears all the same when out in the ocean.


Those of their group back at camp, on realising their failure to return, alerted the emergency and safety authorities via the station owners who sent a search plane from Perth (about 1,000kms away) and police from Carnarvon.


As this was happening the sun was setting magnificently and the super full moon was rising simultaneously (a powerful and rare occurrence!). Digby and one or two others of their group set off on foot armed with water, food and dry clothing, from the last accessible place to the beach for a four wheel drive vehicle leaving two friends to connect with, back at camp - although mobile phones etc do not work in this isolated area.


They walked along the beach unsuccessfully for many hours and kilometres - there was no sign of the missing men! Even though the situation was serious my son said the atmosphere whilst walking was magical with the glorious full moon and the shimmering reflecions on the water and wet sand.


Those missing were found eventually at diffent times and different locations with a lot of effort and huge expense. The lost sailor closest to camp had initially walked north, and then after a short while realised his mistake and began walking inland to find a road and was found about four hours after his designated initial return time. He had made a wise choice! The search plane with its infra red camera located the furthest away sailor and directed the searchers on land to him (via satellite phone) about midnight. He had landed a lot further north, begun walking south along the beach (for about six hours including rest stops). After about four hours of that time, dehydrated and exhausted, he eventually set off his personal locator beacon which had triggered the alert for the plane. He said he hadn't wanted to set it off earlier and cause unneccessary trouble!!!


The sailors had not kept to the golden rule of sticking together when in the water - one had kept sailing when the other had stopped to fix some gear on his board. Much wisdom was gained from this "drama" and exposed the wise and poor decision making abilities of a group of men (and one woman) in this remote and idyllic location. Thankfully there was a happy outcome!


As we have our life experiences it is good to remember to act/react with the wisdom of our soul. Each upset is a set up to help us make more thoughtful choices and elevate our level of consciousness.


With warm blessings and peace for the world,


Merriene                                                November 2015    



Happy spring to those of you in the southern hemisphere and a warm welcome to all readers. 


Recently I shared a wonderful holiday on the south west of Western Australia's coast with some delightful friends. Yallingup where we stayed, near Margaret River, has a most spectacular sweeping coastal landscape with rolling surf and sometimes huge waves which are a surfer's delight.


The bushland above the beach at this time of the year is prolific with wildflowers and      flowering shrubs and trees. My friends are Bush Flower Essence Therapists with wide knowledge of the rejuvenating and healing properties of wildflowers, shrubs and trees. We encountered wattles, kangaroo paws,orchids and Balga/grass trees amongst the variety of plants.


The wattle (Acacia), for example, can help us to be worldly wise with the key words: alert, wise, mature, aware and responsible. So it was good for us to stand next to the wattle for a little while to receive this energy (see photos of wattle and a grass tree on my face book page). 


Grass trees have always intrigued me. As a child we called them blackboys! The official name is Zanthorea preissi. They can give us the strength of the creative warrior. So perhaps that is what I have always aimed to be - a creative warrior! 


Appreciating the wonder of nature and spending time in it is magically therapeutic and uplifting. Creating a small garden in a courtyard or on a balcony is rewarding. My courtyard garden gives me great joy.


Here are a few excerpts from my book 'Adventure into Transformation' in the topic: The Wonder of Nature.


" ---- All components of nature resonate at their own frequency levels. Your own frequency level also varies, depending on your level of awareness and wakefulness. When you are at a high frequency of vibration, you can begin to communicate with the animals, trees and plants, rocks,rivers oceans etc. --- An exchange of love and comfort for mutual benefit takes place. --- Give love and healing to all of nature, and ask also to be shown how you can assist them to live in their highest potential.


Remember you and nature are one, intertwined with each other during your journey through existence on Earth."


Do you spend time outside by the ocean or stream, trees and flowers even for a short time each day or week? It is beneficial to walk barefooted and sit on the ground for a few minutes each time to reinforce your connection with our wonderful sacred home Earth. You will gain much support and love.


Check out my photos of wattle and a grass tree on my Facebook page - gazing at them may help you to be more worldly wise and a creative warrior!


With love and blessings,


Merriene                         October 2015     








Here we are with the magic of spring arriving in glorious Perth, Western Australia. No doubt those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying, hopefully, the warmth of an extended summer.

I have been reflecting once again on the uniqueness of each one of us and thinking of my two independent, creative adult sons and how different and wonderfully individual they are. I am blessed!

My younger son Jamie has, amongst many, a gift for capturing visual wonder and magnificence. He is a Big Wave Surfing Photographer based in Margaret River, Western Australia ( and has a passion for all water activities and action.

My older son Digby, based in New Zealand (, also has many talents with photography one of them. However he is a gifted wordsmith and Executive Leadership Coach inspiring many to reach their maximum potential and be effective leaders in influencial positions.

We are all here to use our individual gifts no matter what they may be. We have a unique micro biological fingerprint as well as our soul wisdom to fulfill our mission this life time.

My clients have often asked the question "What is my purpose?". The replies (through automatic writing by me) have been very individual. One lovely lady was told her best purpose was to sing and give people joy this way! As it turned out, unbeknown to me , she had resumed singing lessons six months earlier after not singing at all for many years! 


Many people in the world at this time are experiencing traumatic circumstances and challenges beyond comprehension as they flee from their homelands due to war.  

Those of us with blessed and better situations can use our unique and individual gifts as best we can to help. Be the light that you are and shine it brightly, connecting up with other beautiful lights to cast a powerful light into the dark places in the world.

We can do this with our compassionate thoughts and prayers if unable to help in other ways.


With blessings and love,


Merriene                                  September 2015