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The World Beyond Today


“The World Beyond Today” Book 1

“I’ve just read your wonderful book The World Beyond Today. I went to the library

to renew “Women who Run with the Wolves” and asked if they had any astrology

books. Your book was the result of that search. I have come across something of

great meaning for me that I am thankful.”

Marrijane D. PERTH


“Thank you! Your book The World Beyond Today has made a huge difference in

my life. It gave me answers to questions which I hadn’t realised I’d been asking

i.e. What is my life purpose? Where am I going? How do I find inner peace?”

Roma Traralgon VICTORIA


“I thoroughly enjoyed The World Beyond Today. It was great. I read it that night

and just couldn’t put it down. So far three other people, sharing here, have read it.

They have all felt very privileged to be given this information – it’s helped them

all in one way or another.”

Nikki F. Dunsborough WESTERN AUSTRALIA


“It is truly marvellous. I love the lightness with which it is written, the real gems it

contains and the constant reassurance.”

University Researcher. PERTH


“Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring book The World Beyond Today. I saw

your poster at the Cottesloe Library, and as you say, there are no coincidences

in life. This has presented itself when my awareness to all matters spiritual has

been slowly awakening.”



“Reading your book was like taking a breath of cool, fresh air while bathing in the

morning sun.”

Howard PERTH


“I am writing to thank you and your spirit guides for this gift of your book. It came

to me (lent to me by a friend) at a time when I needed something to show me the

way when all around me seemed over whelming.”



“Your book is so confirming of a lot of things for me and giving me courage and

strength to go on with my own path in this journey of life and I especially feel

privileged to read it – so thank you.”

Margi - Interior Designer, PERTH


“Thank you for the gift of your book The World Beyond Today. It resonated with

me on so many levels. There is the Buddhist principle that the gift of Dharma

(true teachings) is one of the most virtuous actions in Karmic terms.

Thank you for yours.”

Will - Executive Coach, PERTH


“Thanks so much for your book The World Beyond Today.

It’s great, I really wish you well with it.”



“When I found The World Beyond Today in a friend’s house I got curious, started

reading and disappeared into my room, not being available for anyone, until

I was finished. The words are easy to understand and at the same time very

meaningful and touching something deep inside. I loved the mindset I was put

in while reading: excited and truly peaceful at once. I surely was in a different

energy level.


I am glad that this book found me and gave me insight in things I never thought

about before. I hope this book is going to be published in Germany as I am sure

that many people there would appreciate it as much as I did.”

Sandra. Graphic Artist, GERMANY


“Your book The World Beyond Today found me in the Margaret River Library.

It spoke to me; illuminated with colour and essence. I took it home and it sat by

my bed, pleading that I read it. So late one night I thought I would have a look

and see inside. I couldn’t put it down; it spoke to me and it touched me like I have

never experienced before. I must have a copy by my bedside. Your book is my

bible, my sanctuary, my new life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sandy. Margaret River, WESTERN AUSTRALIA



“This book came across my path as I needed a reminder about the ‘other’ aspect

to this life, at a time I was perhaps living too much in the physical! A beautiful way

to get reconnected to my inner knowings. Thanks heaps.”

Scott McKercher - World Sports Champion. PERTH


“On a recent return flight from Asia I read Merriene’s book The World Beyond

Today and could not put it down. It was an outstanding read and I identified with

many of the concepts being presented. The book is great for getting in touch with

some of the truths of our world. I look forward to reading more of Merriene’s books

in the future.”

Graeme Alford

Leadership Excellence consultant/ExecutiveCoach/Professional Speaker

Dynamic Improvements Pty Ltd. PERTH


“I have read your teaching journal The World Beyond Today.

It is a very useful learning tool.”

Editor - Publishing Company UNITED KINGDOM


“I had to communicate in case you are not already aware how much I enjoyed

reading your book The World Beyond Today. I have become accustomed to

regarding myself as a scientific and logical thinker rather than one who feels so

I was surprised and delighted to find that my intuition and experiences of being

an integral part of all things animate and inanimate are echoed so clearly in your

writings. I feel the great tide to which you allude and whilst I am but a babe in a

spiritual sense am seeing my move to Perth and into this sphere of ‘influences’

as a part of a much greater whole than I had imagined.”

Dr Adrian Zentner - Medical Director of the National Well Men Program AUSTRALIA



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