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Ancient Memories New Beginnings

Ancient Memories New Beginnings


“Thank you for your wonderful book Ancient Memories, New Beginnings.

Its arrival in my life at my new home is very timely. Like so many, I am sure, we read

it and say, this is my journey. Thank you.”

Diana Hardy-Wilson - Graphic DESIGNER/Calligraphist,

International Author TASMANIA


“Thank you for your books, especially the last one Ancient Memories. It really

struck a chord with me. I have gone through a lot of late, what I’d call ‘the dark

night of the soul’. I felt your book to be a really soothing balm. Many thanks

for your insights.”

Katie. PERTH


“Congratulations for expressing my thoughts in your words. I enjoyed reading

Ancient Memories, New Beginnings. Well done! Go on writing – what a wonderful

skill. It sure will reach many hearts.”

“A child of the world” PERTH


“I love your new book Ancient Memories, New Beginnings. You really did a

great job. What I like best is that I can feel the Universal love coming through

for the reader.”

Peter - Environmental Engineer. SWITZERLAND


“I am just sending you this message to tell you how much I appreciated your book

Ancient Memories, New Beginnings. I have had chronic fatigue for the last three

years, having to resign from a reasonable high powered job (never giving myself

any time, or even practising all the healing practices I had learnt 10 years ago!) …..

a common story I am sure! Over the last 3 years I have made a lot of lifestyle,

health, attitude, and (I believe) molecular changes. I guess spirit had to use the

“cosmic 4x2 on me to get my attention!!! ………BUT, the point I want to make is

that I still had some major concerns on what I saw as “blockages to my emotions”

….. nothing affected me……… SO, after reading your book, I felt so much better

……. I now understand that while I still feel compassion, I AM (just) DETACHED

from outcomes, dramas, etc.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Jennie R. PERTH



“I have just finished reading your book Ancient Memories, New Beginnings and

I felt compelled to immediately send you an email to thank you. For me, it was just

the ‘seed’ I needed to awaken to my true purpose. Your automatic writing revealed

the hidden treasures I had within. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight.

I got a copy from Optima Digital – your printers – when I was researching their

sample range of books for a client. I was meant to see your book!”

Alyssa Millar - Director – Design Management/Design City Pty Ltd PERTH


“I felt so uplifted when reading this book (Ancient Memories). The energies were

so energising and charismatic. What felt really helpful was the guidance and

advice given directly to the reader. This book is more concrete than the previous

two. I’m sure not only the reader of your books benefit from these but the very air

and ground and people around them.”

Janice N - Physiotherapist PERTH


“Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your book Ancient Memories,

New Beginnings. It is a great achievement and thank you very much. I bought it

off you one morning at a breakfast the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club”.

Jude T - PERTH


“Ancient Memories, New Beginnings called me deeply to remember, and the

words kept speaking to me on a very personal level, to such an extent that I

thought I was in a personal session with Merriene. The book is eloquently written

and gentle in nature and it has helped me gain perspective and clarity on my own

life and my relationship with the world around me. I loved it!”

Jane - Corporate Trainer SYDNEY



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