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The richness of the English language is never ending. The interpretation of words can be magical.


As we look at the word live we are reminded of all we, as spiritual beings, are here in the physical

reality to do and be.


We are here to live and it is in the way we live where the tests of initiation are found, and progress

along our paths to transformation and deeper understanding of our reason for being is made.


As you remove i from the word live and replace it with o the word transforms into the word love.

We can say i is ego and o represents wholeness, the completeness, the oneness of us all. So, as you

replace your own egocentric way of living with the beautiful universal attitude of oneness with all things,

an attitude of love is created, naturally and graciously in all you are being and doing.


Love is the key to all living and within this word is a simple reminder for creating the best possible

environment to achieve all you are here to be and do.


As you surrender your personality (ego), recognising and allowing the divine plans, that are far grander

than you can imagine, to manifest for you, you will find your purpose, and the love will flow in fast and

abundantly in all ways.


Can you create the future now, by letting go of fear and trusting the love essence that you are here to

experience in your living?


Beyond the near future is no future, as we will all be in timeless reality where we will live our dreams

and be part of multidimensional living, allowing us all to be where we wish by thinking and feeling

love in all ways.


Merriene - with much love


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