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General Reviews


“Congratulations on your trilogy! No small effort! Ancient Memories New

Beginning, only arrived yesterday and I just loved the front cover – it looks gentle

and with grace as you are.”

Glenys B - International Medical Intuitive PERTH


“I am very privileged to know Merriene Scott and have read her three books

of the trilogy.


Merriene’s soul essence is of the highest vibration and her mission on

earth is like a song of creation with a refined Light vibrating HUM of higher

dimensional octave.


I have sold her books in the New Atlantis Foundation Inc. and my clients have

given the most positive feedback. The books are a true inspiration and give people

a simplified understanding of Life on Earth. The trilogy will assist individuals in

discovering their real inner Self and each book provides valuable messages,

which can be used daily. It will help people to contact their inner Self, because

the books trigger a soul/cell memory on a deeper level and it will be a

breakthrough to discover multidimensional levels in a practical way.”

Rev Ashinar Sonar - New Atlantis Foundation Inc. PERTH


“I have read Merriene’s three books and found them both practical and

inspirational. They spoke of universal truths and were a good reminder for me

to live in the now and to be truly authentic in what I do, say and believe.

When I meditate my body resonates to a deep hum. I was reading Merriene’s

third book Ancient Memories on the train and found the words alone were

enough to resonate with my body and even though the train was packed with

people, I went into a deep meditative state (which included the humming)

whilst reading her book. This has never happened to me regardless of what

I have been reading in the past and I feel the words she has channelled really

resonated with me on a very deep level.


I would recommend these books to anyone, beginner through to the well

seasoned reader of esoteric knowledge.”

Gayle M - Counsellor and Psychotherapist PERTH


“The World Beyond Today – Refreshingly easy to read and very thought

provoking. Built great anticipation for further understanding. Bring on the

second book!


Adventure into Transformation – Found this to be strangely comforting and know

that I will continue to refer back to these chapters for future guidance.

Ancient Memories – Wow! I felt a real calmness while reading this book in between

experiencing waves of huge excitement. Couldn’t wait to finish reading it so

I could read it again!


As a trilogy:……….. I have no doubt these three magical books will

greatly help in guiding me through my new found spiritual journey into

a world far more beautiful!”

Gillian PERTH


“Universal truths and wisdom – from a far greater power – whatever and

whoever you conceive it to be – God! Messages from far, far beyond and deep

within. Thank you for bringing and sharing your work with humanity.”

Tony F - Agora Marketing and Cambridge Conference Centre PERTH


“Thank you for your very special and insightful books. Reading them is to

sense the aura of one’s era. A loving message from the universe that needs

to be heard more and more. Thank you.”

Monica PERTH


“I would like to thank you for your gift of writing those books which I have read

and have not stopped enjoying, reading them again and again. With Metta.”

Winnie - Thai Buddhist PERTH


“I so enjoyed reading your trilogy of books. They were easy to read and the

spiritual guidance has been of great assistance in helping me and my friends

move further along our spiritual paths.

They were very enlightening.


Having lent my copies to several friends, who also loved them,

I purchased more and gave them as gifts.”



“You truly are a vibrant “spirited” sparkling person and it has been an

absolute joy and gift to meet you and be introduced to you and your

gorgeous enlightening books.”

Jacqui - Life Coach PERTH



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