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Adventure Into Transformation

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“Adventure Into Transformation “ Book 2

The second book of a trilogy, this book will be of value to those who are seeking to find

new understanding for their lives and let go of old ways of being and doing.


Some will read it as a sequel to The World Beyond Today;

others will find it stands alone as a book of enlightenment and inspiration.


Extracts from Book


“The future is not to be feared, but welcomed with joy and excitement for the potential evolutionarywondrous realities you will discover your own uniqueness

growth of human kind. You are at the forefront of this new and amazing transformation of what

it is to be human.”


Acclaim from Readers


Thank you fellow Aries for your beautiful book ‘Adventure into Transformation’ – it is so clear,

so moving, so powerful. I am really enjoying reading the eternal truth so precisely explained in

deceptively simple language – well done. It will touch many people and open many hearts.


The messages brought to us through Merriene Scott are fascinating, enriching and

profound. For those searching for the formula and a lifetime of joy, I strongly recommend

‘Adventure into Transformation’.


ISBN-13: 978-0-9751058-1-8 ISBN-10: 0-9751058-1-7

Published by Soul Grace Publishing – 150 pages



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