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The World Beyond Today

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“The World Beyond Today” Book 1

This is the first book of a trilogy – Messages from Illanitis.


This book will be of help to those beginning their journey of understanding

beyond the known material world.


A clear, easy-to-read book, it is suitable for both young and old, yet its message is profound.

On another level the words are mystical magic, as are also their rhythms and patterns. Many have

found it has enabled them to live their lives with new clarity and understanding.


Extracts from Book


“The World Beyond Today is a greater world of many realities, and as you explore these incredibly

wondrous realities you will discover your own uniqueness as a soul, who is beyond time and space.”


“Finding the inner you is the key to your realisation of who you are and will help you gain your

multidimensionalism, which is so very necessary for the future of the human race.”


Acclaim from Readers


Your book gave me answers to questions I didn’t know I’d been asking:

What is my purpose? Where am I going? How do I find inner peace?


I just couldn’t put it down. So far three of my friends have read it, and they

have all felt very privileged to be given this information.


Thank you for the gift of your book ‘The World Beyond Today’. It resonated with me on so

many levels. There is the Buddhist principle that the gift of Dharma (true teachings) is one

of the most virtuous actions in Karmic terms. Thank you for yours.


ISBN-13: 978-09751058-0-1 ISBN-10: 0-9751058-0-9

Published by Soul Grace Publishing - 136 Pages



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